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Last Updated : May 12th, 2006
+Added Youngblood0000's save

Recently Youngblood0000 sent in a save file containing some very cool things. Here is the complete email transcript that he included with the save.

I just completed one of my goals in the game, earning enough skill points so that every character (including Ironman, Prof. X, and Deadpool) has all the skill slots filled. Everyone is at level 99, but they're really significantly leveled beyond that in terms of using tech stations (for example, both Sabretooth and Colossus have 250+ in all four of the major categories of body, focus, strike, and speed) and danger room scenario bonuses. In addition, there is some great equipment, some of which is greater than normal (via hex-editing, I made it so that resistance bonuses can be more than 80%, Aegises can get defensive values up to 999, etc.), and all character specific items have been gotten.

I never purchased the 'redistribute points' option from Forge for anybody, so you can change the amount of points you put into the skills if they want for a pretty cheap price (some like to run telekenesis, ice slide and other moves at lower levels since it costs less energy).

Download HereArchive File Download .zip - 27.4KB

This save file was taken from the Pyric RPG's Unofficial Strategy GuideOffsite Link.

XML2 Complete Savegame

(PC Version. Sorry no console saves available at this time.)

This is an XML2 savegame that features everything complete: main story, all Danger Room scenarios, unlocked Deadpool, Iron Man and Professor X, etc. You can use this to start a new game +.

Before downloading, start XML2 and load up the game in the #1 save slot and re-save it somewhere else (if you want to keep it). Quit the game.

Download the fileArchive File Download

Unzip the contents to your save directory, which is typically:

My Documents\Activision\X-Men Legends 2\Save

Start XML2 again and load up the saved game. You can then quit to the main menu and start a new game at any difficulty level (including Hard) and you'll have all costumes, characters, etc.

Download HereArchive File Download .zip - 29KB

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