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Last Updated : January 15th, 2006

Danger Room Crashing

I have noticed a lot of crashes happening to do with the danger room. So I advise everybody to save before going into the danger room. This is also a big issue on the Gamecube version, which freezes the game (crashes it) on a loading menu during danger room missions (with a buzzing sound). This happens a lot in danger rooms with many enemies.

46 Item Crash

Supposedly people are having problems with crashing from items. If you have more than 45 items in your stash, inventory and world, the game will crash. I think this may be only an issue on Hard mode.

I found out the exact number of items that you should not cross.
You must NOT go above 46 ITEMS (Total)
That include..
- Stash
- Inventory
- World floor

- i've tried 25 items in stash + 20 inventory + next one that drop on floor...
will make it Crash (Total 46)
- i've tried 26 items in stash + 19 inventory + next one that drop on floor...
will make it Crash (Total 46)

Taken from this forum postOffsite Link by Rakotobebe.

Temple of Anubis Indestructible Statues

If you are attacked by anything that would otherwise skip the dialog that makes the statues a target, and breakable, they will remain indestructible. The only way to fix this is to restore your game to your last save, or you must remove the map from memory by visiting 6 different areas from previous acts. After doing so, when you return, MAKE SURE all enemies in the area are gone before going into the statue room again, and the dialog should complete this time.

No More Items Glitch (Drops, Vendor Empty)

This is a common bug, or glitch, the cause and solution are listed below.

NO Item Drop (No Gem / Potion / Vendor Empty) Anywhere, Any Act:
If you fought a boss, after the fight is over you didn't like his loot.
And you decide to Load a previous save (just before fighting the boss),
To try to get better items..
You will get items for a bit, but then everything will stop completely.
NO more items anywhere will drop, not even potions or $.
Even checking the vendors, they'll be having empty stores.

Use a backup save. (sometimes if it doesn't work)
Try an even farther backup save.
OR finish the game and import characters to new game.
OR wait for an update patch from Activision / Raven...

Taken from this forum postOffsite Link by Rakotobebe.

Act 4 Crashing

If you appear to be crashing quite a lot, or not even being able to load Act 4, then make sure you have less than 30 items or less in your Hero Stash.

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