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Posted: June 15th, 2006
Last Updated: June 15th, 2006

Here is a couple of other stories written by 534n. I doubt I was ever this mean, he just exegerates.

Written by 534N

Learning to Mine, The Hard Way.

It was now 2-3 days since I joined the wondrous lands of Crystal Gate and I would always venture into Minoc and see people in the mines mining, I figured "Wow, I want to do that... But how?" and so I went on MSN and asked Drath... He said I needed a mining pick so I eventually found one on a vendor, but I had no idea how to use it [or get the skill training to start out]. I asked him both these things and initially he ignored me so I kept messaging him ingame and on MSN and finally he answered, I was overjoyed when I saw his MSN window flashing at me and thought I was going to be able to get some ore and make some very epic armour...

I was wrong, his response included the phrases I by now had always expected him to say: "STFU, FIGURE IT OUT YOURSELF, *BLOCK*"... Sigh! Finally I got him to tell me that I needed to double click the mining pick and the ground to do it but then soon I saw people with swords mining the ground [and just had their pick in their backpack], so I said to him... "Wow, I see these people mining with swords, that's so cool, how do I do that?"... The response followed was expected... "STFU, FIGURE IT OUR YOURSELF, *BLOCK*"

Starting out on Ultima Online was very hard, it was all new to me and I didn't know what was going on half the time or how to do anything, and I could never get an easy answer out of Drath.

The First Player Killing Experience.

Numerous weeks had passed since I first joined shard of Crystal Gate and my skills were now getting up there in per cent in which I could now participate in fair fights with the best of people. Drath was aware of this since i'd tell him about my every Ultima experience and one evening he asks if I wanted to go player killing with his player killer named Nerf Herder. I said sure and we were off.

We traveled to the Britain Graveyard and to the dungeon of Wind to no avail. So after about a half hour of traveling we went near his house and store called "The All-Stop-Shop" and I was traveling around the general area looking around at the world as I was still fascinated by it when I saw two players names that were in red and one that was blue! I quickly ran back to The All-Stop-Shop and alerted the murders to Drath and we were soon off to go do justice on the evil-doers.

The fights lasted for about 10 minutes and as every minute passed I was getting more anxious for the kill and the loot, so anxious in fact, that I was sweating bullets pretty much. We eventually killed the two PK'ers and the blue guy ran into their house to hide from our power. Drath looted the bodies while I kept the allegedly innocent guy trapped in his house and after waiting to see if he would come out [which he didn't], we left and returned to The All-Stop-Shop where Drath divided the loot evenly, or so I thought.

I recall seeing the Player Killers in full armour, weapons, clothing [probably magical] and the "evenly divided loot" that was given to me included 15-30 or so of each reagent. I thought "... Wow! Now I can increase my magery above 60%!"

The fight was over and the loot divided, then I took a shower as I was sweating so much basically that I almost needed one.

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