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Posted: February 20th, 2006
Last Updated: July 20th, 2006

This page basically serves as examples of what you can accomplish with modifying some of the levels. I may add other types of mods in here as well in the future. If you want some information on how to modify your own levels (and other things) please visit my modification information page.

Level Modifications

GladiatorArchive File Download (.zip - 1 Kb)
Ultimate ChallengeArchive File Download (.zip - 1 Kb) - This one is tough, advanced players only!
Fodder FlashArchive File Download (.zip - 1 Kb) - More, more and more fodders!

To play these modded levels, just replace your current box1.rbs with the ones in the .zips. Make sure you keep a backup. You can also rename these files to any of the original .rbs names to replace which ever levels you want.

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