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Posted: February 20th, 2006
Last Updated: July 27th, 2006

Almost everything you see in Rumble Box is modifiable all with a text editor like notepad. This is (in my mind) the best part of this game. This page will feature some basic information for all the file formats and what they do, and maybe how to edit them.

Data/ Folder

There's many interesting things in here, and all of the files control some aspect of the game. Most of the options in these files should be editable with some type of option menu in the game, which may or may not be a future option.

There is nothing contained in this file. It may be for future advancements. It may also accept some variables, but at this time are unknown.

Control every aspect of your camera like rotation speed, clips and other things.

Shows all the credits that scroll through when choosing credits in the menu. It also shows you how to cheat (press "c" in the main menu).

This is a very useful file. It allows you to change your resolution and whether you want to run in full screen or not. It also allows you to change colors themes. They can be changed to anything in the Data/Color/ folder.

Here you can change any keys that you want instead of using the default ones, which are somewhat bad in my opinion. You can also enable the pause button, which for some reason when enabled is not a toggle pause, but a hold-to-pause button. You can also enable some cool debug keys by changing UseDebugHotKeys = 0 to UseDebugHotKeys = 1. With the debug keys set you can drop bombs, drop spheres from the sky, and also drop blocks from the sky. Make sure you don't drop too many blocks or spheres or the game will crash when you are fighting. There is a block and sphere limit which is decided in PHYConfig.dat.

You can change the order in which the music plays in here in which stages, and even add your own files into the Sound/Music/ folder, and then add them in this file. The engine accepts .mid, .wav., .mod, .ogg, and .mp3 files (it doesn't say it supports .mp3s, but it does).

This is the coolest file in the whole Data folder. You can pretty much change every aspect of the physics system that you want. I won't go into much detail here, but if you mess around too much in this file the game will most likely crash when you execute that part of the physics engine.

In here you can change the sound channels and also control the volume of the music in-game. To turn off the music just use MusicVolume = 0.

With the options in here you can change various aspects of the graphical user interface, or even disable it, forcing you directly into play mode.

Data/Color/ Folder

This folder contains all the color schemes you see in the game. You can actually modify any of these, or even make your own. The most interesting color schemes are probably Noir - which is black and white, and Dark - which is a completely black theme, you will not be able to see the stage, background or the blocks that fall from enemies. You can change the game's color schemes in GFXConfig.dat.

graphics/ Folder

Here you can replace any of the existing graphics you see in the game. I don't really see any need to, the ones included with the game are great, but the option is there nonetheless. All of the graphics in the game are in .png format.

models/ Folder

This folder contains both model and animations files for everything in the game. You can actually edit either of the .rba or .rbm files in notepad, but it is very tedious work, especially if you don't know anything about dimensions, and editing them manually.

scripts/ Folder

Here you can edit enemy spawning in any level you see in the game, even the bonus stages. I actually have a couple examples of what I did on my mods page. Most of the files contain a basic guide of how to use the variables and options. Instead of the file looping in Rumble Box, a "repeat" option is used instead which loops only after the "repeat" command. Here is a official copy of the options/keywords that can be used in the .rbs files.

fodder, thug, ninja, wildman, bodder - Spawn an enemy
Use : fodder 1, ninja 4

waitfor - Wait X frames
Use : waitfor 30

wait - Wait until there are X enemies or less
Use : wait 1

repeat - After the script ends, repeat beginning here
Use : repeat

randbomb - Drop bombs at random positions
Use : randbomb 2

bombstorm - Drop a nonstop barrage of bombs, just for fun
Use : bombstorm

At the beginning at the script file there should also be a "InterpEvents" present. Basically what this variable does is according to Patrick:

"Tells the level how fast or slow to interpolate the color scheme throughout the level. If the number is really low (10), the colors will transition from scheme 1 to scheme 2 after 10 events. If the number is higher, it will take longer to transition, but will be smoother."

Sound Folder

This folder contains both a Effect/ and Music/ folder which you will find the sound and music files respectively. You can edit both sound and music in the game, but you can only add new music into the game, not sounds. You can add new music in the game by adding it to the music folder, and then listing it in MusicPlaylist.dat.

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