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Drakkhen (SNES)
Release Date: June 14th, 1991
Publisher: Infogrames
Developer: Kemco
Genre: Role Playing Game

Last Updated : December 12th, 2005
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Rating: Average rating: 4.2727272727273
Average rating: 4.2727272727273
11 Ratings
5 4 3 2 1

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Also Available On:
Drakkhen (PC)

Number of Players:
1 Player

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Similar To:
Nothing that I know of

Related To:
Dragon View (SNES)

This was actually one of the first Super Nintendo releases, and the first Role Playing Game on the SNES. Furthermore this is the first RPG ever to include a 3D world. Although supposedly it wasn't actually 3D, it was just made to "appear" like it was. I choose to write a Drakkhen (SNES) page before the PC version because I actually own the SNES version.

Drakkhen is a very different RPG, and a very different game than I have seen or played before. Most RPG players probably won't like this game because it isn't your average formulaic RPG game, it's a bit more subtle and sometimes mysterious. Most of this feeling comes from the plot or storyline, as it seems a little strange, however this may be actually because of the translation this game endured. This game also feels more independently designed, because it was in it's original state.

The game takes place on a rectangular island (pretty basic) on a 3D playing field. Your characters come out (in battle) into the world as 2D sprites, and fight the monsters automatically. You can also travel inside castles which bring you into a second style of view, where it displays a room, and you get to actually control your characters into new rooms, use triggers, or cast spells on interactive objects. There is also a third style of view, when you enter homes, you simply see a static image with a person that gives you a helpful (not really) hint.

Lots of things in Drakkhen are still a mystery even to the semi-medium fan base. Although all the items have been mapped out and listed, there are things that nobody can quite figure out, things like hit experience calculation, and leveling up. In my own FAQ, I will try my best to reveal such things.

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