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Posted: January 31st, 2006
Last Updated: February 10th, 2006

Though there has been many attempts to beat this game, the fastest (and most likely to stay that way) is 16 minutes and 58 seconds from start to end. This record has been done by Joel Yliluoma (aka. Bisqwit)Offsite Link who actually runs a tool assisted superplay moviesOffsite Link site. Like most videos on his site, Joel uses programming errors to his advantage (glitches, bugs) which makes it look like he is cheating in the video but he is not (technically).

All of the information can be found on his website on his Mega Man 1 in 16:58 pageOffsite Link. It can be downloaded from either a BitTorrent link or a japanese mirror siteOffsite Link. Click hereBitTorrent Link (size: 32 MB, length: 19:07) to download through BitTorrent.

His old time of 18:21 has been "obsoleted" by his 16:58 movie, but the old one can still be found hereOffsite Link. Lots of glitches and bugs he abuses can be explained on my bugs page.

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