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Posted: January 31st, 2006
Last Updated: February 10th, 2006

This is nowhere near a complete listing of every bug and glitch in the game but it covers the basics. For a more thorough guide with animated pictures please visit Rockman TricksOffsite Link page located on the Tool Assisted Console Game Movies siteOffsite Link.

Jumping Better Than Climbing

Jumping is always faster than climbing. To make use of this mechanic, when having to climb ladders, use the magnet beam instead to bypass climbing them.

Falling Fast

You will immediately fall at the maximum acceleration if you step off the edge of a magnet beam.

Extra Damage

To give enemies (or yourself for that matter) extra damage from hits, all you have to do is press select to pause the game, and then unpause causing to re-register the damage, you can in most cases kill everything in one hit in this fashion even bosses. Wow... now that is just bad programming.


Another fairly bad bug is the ability to pass through any enemy without getting hurt. To do this press select to pause the game just before getting hit, during the teleporting animation that occurs you will be invulnerable. This does not work on spikes.

Fast Recover

Yet another bad bug is the ability to receive little to none knockback, and immediately recover from getting hit, again using the pause-unpause method works for this when getting hit.

Bottom Ladder Boost

Sometimes when jumping just under a ladder while pressing up you will be able to grab a hold of the ladder anyway and will boost your character up the ladder making your climb faster.

Top Of Ladder Glitching

This is probably one of the most important glitches when performing speed runs. If you grab ladder at the very top (too high to actually climb it) your character will boost in the air. If there is a ceiling or screen change in the path of the boost you will go through it. Using this method you can do a lot of neat things. You can also press up+down on top of ladders to receive the desired effect as well.

Magnet Beam Glitching

This technique is a lot like the top of the ladder glitching, as in it gives you the same effect. If you jump on a magnet beam that is in a perfect position between itself and the ceiling when Mega Man jumps on it the game thinks he is in the ceiling and pushes him along the ceiling. The positioning must be perfect to have any effect, so this takes a lot of practice.

Shooting While Climbing

If you jump immediately before shooting and grab the ladder immediately after jumping and then climb again you reduce the delay drastically and you will not lose your place.

Disappearing Block Glitch

If jumping in the spot of a disappearing block just as it appears you will be forced out, and into a wall if there is one directly next to it. You also are at maximum fall velocity when forced out.

False Start Trick

This trick has no real purpose but can be performed for fun. I could not get Nesticle to view the video radblast submitted, but if you can you can download the explanation, the Nesticle video and pictures in this .zip file hereArchive File Download.


I don't have any information on this one, but it was also submitted by radblast and also contains a Nesticle video that can be downloaded hereArchive File Download in .zip format.

Other Bugs

This is a listing of bugs that occur in the game that don't really deserve a title because they become second nature and actually become part of the Mega Man gameplay.

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