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Mega Man (NES)
Release Date: December 17th, 1987
Developer: Capcom
Genre: Action - 2D Platformer

Posted: January 31st, 2006
Last Updated: September 30th, 2006

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ESRB Rating:

Also Available On:

Also Released As:
Rockman (JP) (NES)

Number of Players:
1 Player

Prequels, Sequels and Expansions:
Mega Man 2 (NES) (Sequel)

Average Completion Time:
2-3 Hours

Similar To:
Krion Conquest, The (NES)

Related To:

Rating: Average rating: 4.25
Average rating: 4.25
12 Ratings
5 4 3 2 1

The first Mega Man, the spawn of something big, the beggining of a great (and still countinuing) series of side scrolling plateformers. The first game; however, is fairly primitive in terms of the strategy. You beat one level (and boss), go on the the next one, and use the last bosses weapon against him. Well, it's a little more complex, as seen in my Damage Table, but it's still a pretty basic formula. Basically this goes on for a total of 10 stages. It's a very simple formula, but there's something that gives the game it's edge against other, similar games at the time.

Mega Man ingameI found this game extremely hard in some areas. Naming a few areas I would have to nominate Elecman's stage and Elecman himeself. My next nomination is definitely deserved: the first Dr. Wily Fortress boss, the "Rock Robot" which is extremely difficult and is regarded as one of the hardest if not the hardest bosses in the Nintendo Mega Man series. Although, this fight along with the others can be easily avoided or made easier using one of the many glitches in this game, which again gives the game more of a primitive feeling. Along with all the qwirks in Mega Man 1 the most notable is the point system, which is taken out in all other Mega Man platformer games.

Like all Mega Man games the music is simply amazing. The up-beat monotonous sounding music is a delight, and is probably one of the main reasons why the Mega Man series is so loved and successful. Although not the best music, it is a good start, and a precursor too many catchy tunes throughout the Mega Man series. Not only is the music catchy but it makes you want to play the game to the end which makes it even more effective. The music in this (and other Mega Man) games was one of my inspirations for starting my music project: Tanooki RebirthOffsite Link.

Although primitive in terms of strategy and game mechanics, Mega Man for Nintendo was the start of something big, and to this day Mega Man is still around going somewhat strong. I did actually own this game at one time; however, it was stolen along with my nintendo deck.

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