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Action > Nintendo > Clash At Demonhead > Time Attack/Speed Runs

Posted: February 14th, 2006
Last Updated: February 16th, 2009

There is only one time attack video available on the internet. It is accomplished in 22:16 minutes by Mike Power (aka. Spoony_Bard). This is his second try at getting the fastest time. This submission is available on the TASVideosOffsite Link website. To get more information on this submission click hereOffsite Link.

This movie is available via BitTorrent hereBitTorrent Link (size: 61 MB, length: 24:10) or from a mirror siteOffsite Link at archive.orgOffsite Link.

One thing I noticed on the video that he could improve on is when he is hitting the mountain monster on the last stage, he keeps letting the monster knock him down. He could of killed the monster instead of wasting that time. I am not sure if there is a reason behind this or maybe he just doesn't know that you can kill it.

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