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Last Updated : March 28th, 2005

At current date there has been 4 official patches released making the current official version v1.04. This page serves as a changelog archive for the patches.

Patch v1.04 Information
Released May 31st, 2006

Patch 1.04, the small patch that we discussed a couple weeks ago is now live.
The patch addresses the following minor fixes:

-Fixed desync with CaH Oil Spill ability
-Fixed desync with CaH projectiles
-Fixed desync/crash with units garrisoned in tunnels inherited from teammates.
- Palantir buttons reordered for MotW Gondor Ranger, Elven Lancer, Elven
Archer, and Elven Sentry.

Originally this was going to be a big patch for more balances but due to staff "obligations" those changes will be included in the v1.05 patch. The official EA forum thread about these changes can be found hereOffsite Link.

Patch v1.03 Information
Released April 25th, 2006

Create A Hero
----------------- --
• Other CAHs will no longer taunt stealthed Archer CAHs
• Fell Beasts will no longer attacked disguised CAHs
• Dwarf CAH Sapper ability range increased
• Mousing over a disguised CAH no longer reveals the player’s name
• Recommended Attributes will now reset correctly
• Elendil ability no longer works on Mumakil
• Fixed exploit where units summoned using Call Reinforcements would not disappear if they were healed
• Fixed bug with Elven Archer CAH not attacking certain targets

• All statue and well build costs normalized to 300
• All statue and well build times normalized to 45 seconds
Dwarf statue requires 50 seconds, and MOTW statue requires 60 seconds

• Men and Dwarf statue health normalized to 1500
• Fortress defenses (boiling oil/magma/etc ) damage increased from 200 to 600
• Fortress artillery expansions no longer override a player- issued bombard command
• Fortresses now take damage if attacked while they are under construction
• Wall segment cost has been reduced from 100 to 50
• Canceling a wall segment now refunds the cost of upgrades that are under construction
• All Farms / Mineshafts / Mallorn Trees / Forge Works normalized to health 2000, experience levels reached at 1500/3000, and level resource multipliers 1.25/1.5
• Fog of War reveal now matches position of all units in porcupine formation
• All Archer Bombard buttons on the Palantir have been moved to the last slot. You can now group select Fighters and Archers and give them their upgrades at the same time.
This fix has NOT been yet made for Elven and MOTW archers

• Harvest Resource ability now works for all selected laborers
• Selecting Summoned Dunedain Allies and pressing E will now also select all Dunedain Rangers built from the Inn
• Units can no longer use unit specific abilities when stunned by Cloud Break
• Fixed bug where units produced from an Inn would become invincible and non- selectable if they were built at the same time an enemy captured the Inn
• Fixed bug where archers were not shifting from bombard to normal attack correctly
• The Summoned Dragon’s Reposition ability has been assigned the hotkey “R”
• The Troll’s Pick up Goblin ability has been assigned to the hotkey “P”
• Fixed bug where summoned units would stay around indefinitely if they were healed
• Fixed exploit with Sauron’s Terrible Fury timer
• Fixed bug where the number that appears when selling off a building was not accurate
• Siege Unit armor against ranged attacks increased; damage taken from ranged heroes reduced from 200% to 5%, damage taken from pierce damage reduced from 25% to 5%

-- ----------
• Gloin cost raised to 2000, respawn cost raised to 1500, damage reduced to 300, Shake Foundation reload time increased from 60 to 180
• Gloin's Shake Foundation now does 50% less damage to fortresses
• Gloin now paths through infantry when targeting special abilities (e.g. slam)
• Gloin’s Slam ability now works against the Mordor fortress
• Fixed responsiveness bug with Gloin’s Slam ability
• Dwarven Tower health increased to 3000; build time set to 60 seconds
• Battlewagon Pike Upgrade damage reduced from 1000 to 50
• Battlewagon ranged passengers can now fire while battlewagon is moving
• Battlewagon Hearth upgrade will now respawn fallen horde members
• Phalanx units that appear as part of Dain’s Summon Royal Guard ability can now be placed in porcupine formation
• Dwarves can now garrison damaged Citadel
• Delay added to Dwarven Hearth’s auto-heal timer
• Rebuild spell now works on Dwarven Hearth
• Dwarven Mighty Catapult can now be cast on water

• Elven Barracks build time increased from 15 seconds to 30 seconds.
• Elven Tower health reduced to 1500; build time increased to 60 seconds
• Elven Tower garrisoned units now fire from correct point
• Mirror of Galadriel health set to 1000
• Thranduil arrow damage decreased from 200 to 100
• Thranduil now de-stealths when firing on open terrain. If he is near trees, he remains stealthed while firing.
• Using Thranduil’ s Dead Eye ability and giving attack order immediately after will no longer cancel Dead Eye and reset the timer
• Legolas arrow damage decreased from 200 to 150
• Mithlond Sentry pike attack delay reduced from 3 seconds to 2 seconds
• Bombardment ship now has a “Stop Bombardment” button
• Hotkey to build Haldir is now “I”
• Silverthorne Arrow upgrade damage changed (+50% pierce damage, -50% magic damage)

-- ---------
• Spider Rider arrow damaged reduced from 100 to 50
• Shelob damage from magic increased from 25% to 100%
• Shelob damage from pikes increased from 25% to 125%
• Shelob now glows when affected by poison
• Shelob’s Poisoned Stinger and Instill Terror can now be set to auto-cast simultaneously
• Spiderling damage against structures reduced by 50%
• Spiderling Venom Sack upgrade cost reduced from 1000 to 200
• Goblin Fighter poison changed (was 20/second for 5 seconds, now is 4/second for 30 seconds)
• Goblin Tower health reduced to 1500; build time increased to 60 seconds
• Fire Drake now has an attack run
• Goblin Fortress Giant upgrade now has bombard ability
• Drogoth now damages structures on every pass
• Fixed bug where garrisoned Goblin Sentry Tower would ignore player command to attack a new target

Isengar d
• Isengard Tower health increased to 3000; build time set to 60 seconds
• Berserkers can no longer be buffed
• Sharku can no longer garrison towers
• Ballista minimum range increased from 40 to 100

Men of the West
----------------- -----
• Theoden's Glorious Charge and King's Favor abilities swapped in level (KF now 4 and GC now 6)
• Theoden's Glorious Charge reload increased from 120 seconds to 240 seconds
• MOTW Tower health increased to 3000; build time set to 60 seconds
• Fixed a bug with Faramir incorrectly switching between sword and bow
• If Gollum is found using the Ivory Tower upgrade, pressing spacebar will jump to his location
• Hotkey to build Boromir is now “I”
• Non-upgraded Trebuchet no longer does double damage versus units

• Haradrim Palace build cost reduced from 500 to 300
• Haradrim Archer damage increased from 38 to 64
• Easterling build cost reduced from 400 to 300
• Easterling build time reduced from 45 to 25
• Easterling pike attack delay reduced from 3 seconds to 2 seconds
• Mordor Tower health increased to 3000; build time set to 60 seconds
• The Bloodthirst ability now gives orcs full experience points
• Players can no longer counter Mouth of Sauron’s Dissent ability by ordering their units to attack another target
• Units under the effect of the Mouth of Sauron’s Dissent ability can now be ordered to attack their own resource structures
• Orc Laborer now affected by Nazgul Screech
• Orc Laborer now receives Leadership Buff
• Orc Warriors will no longer attempt to garrison the siege tower. They can only enter the tower once it’s attached to the wall.
• Black Riders will no longer use Morgul Blade against already dead units
• Fell Beasts now damage structures on every pass

This has been the biggest patch to date. It deals a lot with the balance of the game. The official EA forum thread can be found hereOffsite Link.

Patch v1.02 Information
Released March 24th, 2006

Patch 1.02 addresses the following:
- A crash with loitering in the Online lobbies has been fixed
- Out of sync during multiplayer games has been fixed
- Ladder reporting error has been fixed

The semi-official EA forum thread can be found hereOffsite Link.

Patch v1.01 Information
Released February 8th, 2006

This was a patch for Beta users, as it was distributed before the game officially was released.

The Lord of the Rings(tm), The Battle for Middle-earth(tm) II
Readme File

Version 1.01 - February 8, 2006

Issues addressed:

1. Improved the overall stability of the game.

2. Fixed several known desyncs.

The official EA forum announcement can be found hereOffsite Link.

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