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Last Updated : July 25th, 2006

One thing I found that had a really nice setup was the clan creation interface and system that Age of Empires 3 had to offer. You can tell they looked at other RTS games, and found out that the players needed some kind of clan system, and here it is. My clan on Age of Empires 3 consists of mostly personal friends, but also some people that we recruited off the internet.

The name Anti-Guild (AG) actually comes from a few other games I have played like Ultima Online, where I was in a guild named Anti-Guild. For every game since then that I had to create a clan/guild, i've used Anti-Guild. I guess it's just kind of a reminder, but it's also a pretty cool concept, in a satire hypocritical kind of way.

This page used to contain a lot of statistics and information about our clan. It is now located on the Anti-GuildOffsite Link website.

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