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Last Updated : July 10th, 2006

Britain is my mainly used civilization. Although I do have some skill with my German civilization, I prefer my using the British civilization for a couple reasons, but mostly just because I usually win all my games when being them. I won't be writing a big guide or anything like that, but I will be referencing some good strategies and recorded games that i've found, as well as some general information and tips. I hope this helps some people a bit.

General Information

Unique Units:
Longbowmen: Expensive archer with rapid rate of fire.
Congreve Rocket: Expensive heavy artillery unit, strong against infantry and buildings.

Queen Elizabeth I

Home City :

Royal Guard Units:
Redcoat Musketeer, Kings Life Guard Hussar

Unique Bonuses:
Building manor houses creates a settler.

Military Units

Pikemen, Musketeers, Longbowmen

Caravels, Galleons, Frigates, Monitors

Falconets, Rockets, Grenadiers, Culverins, Mortars

Hussars, Dragoons

Recorded Games

This is a very cool recorded game which shows you can make a comeback from almost anything if you have plenty of villagers and a strong economy.
Ceres629 (British), Oceanwave (French) - Rockies
Download HereArchive File Download.

A decent show of British economic and military strength. The opponent gives up rather early though.
Ceres629 (British), Gorbatsjov (Spanish) - Saguenay
Download HereArchive File Download.

You can find other general recorded games at the Heavengames AOE3 download site. This linkOffsite Link will automatically search for British recorded games.


This recording is from the "The New and Improved Longbow Rush of DOOM!!" strategy by xMatt the Greatx.
View the forum post hereOffsite Link.

The most generally accepted strategy for the British is the "British Fast Fortress Strategy". There are many different strategies depending on who you ask about this one. A couple versions of this strategy can be found here:

xMatt the Greatx's StrategyOffsite Link
Beatnik's StrategyOffsite Link

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