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Last Updated : April 5th, 2006


3am on a Summer NightSound/Video Link - Morgue
Exhaustive DetailsSound/Video Link - Talking
Grunge JointSound/Video Link - Wastelands Club
Maria Mercurial reduxSound/Video Link
- Club
Otherwordly CaninesSound/Video Link
- Walking
Running the ShadowsSound/Video Link - Walking
Shadowrun TitlesSound/Video Link
- Intro
Somber NewsSound/Video Link - Talking
Terminal NemesisSound/Video Link - Battle
Vampires, Zombies, GunsSound/Video Link
- Dark Blade

All MP3s compiled and named by Nth.

File Type: MIDI
Game System: Super Nintendo
Game Name: Shadowrun
Song Title: 2nd City
Sequenced by: Dangerfold <>
Song Originally Composed by: Marshall Parker

DownloadSound/Video Link

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