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Last Updated : June 16th, 2005

Okay, this isn't a full guide or walkthrough by any means, this means, you HAVE to have beaten this game before, and you HAVE to be very familiar with the game. This is also unfinished and only shows some of the starting of the game.

Time Attack GuideTHE START

Pickup : Scalpel, Slap Patch, Torn Paper
Leave the room, and go outside, learn <Hitmen> and <Firearms> from the Decker that stops you. Follow him into the alley.
Pickup: Berreta Pistol
Equip: Berreta Pistol
Shoot and kill the orc that took out the decker. Examine his body.
Pickup: Worn Leather Jacket
Equip: Worn Leather Jacket
Go to the west corner of the alley to find the dog, and learn <Dog>. Go back to the area outside the morgue, let the dog outside the fountain gates, by using the opening the broken gate.
Pickup: Dog Collar
Go out the south exit of this area, go into the first building you see, and then the first door. You will find a dead body, examine him.
Pickup: Door Key, Memo
Leave this building, and go out the alley to the north. This will lead you to another building, an apartment building. Enter it and go to the third door on the right, use your Door Key on it, it will unlock, enter the room. Open the filling cabinet, and examine inside. Examine your Video Phone to receive the message from Drake.
Pickup: Shades, Ripped Note
Use: Shades
Examine: All items not already examined in inventory
Save/Heal if you need to in the bed, now you will have to make 500 nuyen, the fastest and best way to do this is keep going in and out of the first and second doors in the apartment building (where you are), and saving/healing/using karma when you need, since your bed is very close. The room will have anywhere from 0 to 4 enemies at a time, but you probably can't handle 4 right away, so just keep going in and out of the room to get a different amount. You should spend any karma you will be getting on body and firearms ONLY. Once you have 500 nuyen go to the building beside the Grim Reaper Club, that has the broken video phone in it. GO into the second room, and learn <Shadowrunner>, <Hiring> and <Negotiation> from the guy there . Now go to the Grim Reaper Club. Talk to the busy man and learn <Heal> and <Street Doc>. Talk to the bartender to get yourself an iced tea.
Pickup: Iced Tea
Give the iced to the the club patron, and talk to him, learn <Tickets>, <Maria>, <Grinder> and <Lone Star>. Go over and talk to the orc, and use the keyword<Hiring> on him, and hire him for the 500 nuyen. Take him to the Glutmen building. Go in the first room.
Pickup: Paperweight
Go in the second room, and go to the computer.
Pickup: Cyberdeck
Choose to examine Hamfist (the orc) and go into his items, choose cyberdeck, and use it on the computer (you won't be able to hack on your own yet). Use my matrix picture guide to avoid the ICs. You'll get another 1000 nuyen, and a data file. Head on over to the cemetery. Open each of the tombs, and examine the coffins a couple times, sometimes there will be a cash stash, and sometimes a easy ghoul (they have like a couple HP in the tombs). In the last tomb, you will find a injured shaman, use the Slap Patch on him, he will thank you and you will learn <Magic Fetish> and <Shaman>. Go outside and kill a ghoul, the first one will be carrying Ghoul Bone.
Pickup: Ghoul Bone
Stay and kill in the cemetery until you lose Hamfist.

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