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Last Updated : November 9th, 2005

The multiplayer mod for Morrowind sounds very interesting, but you may be heavily disappointed for several reasons. Let me first start off with saying the Morrowind Online team did all they could when making this mod, so it isn't really their fault or choices. From what I have heard and see, you must find a partner to connect to you and join in your world or saved game. You will be able to interact and see your partner in real-time. This may be alone enough for you to try it out, but when things get really messy is in combat. You cannot attack a monster together for instance, you will need to tag team the monster in a sense, or just have one of you fight the monster. Along with this, there is several other limitation basically because this was never meant to be a multiplayer game, and so it is even surprising to me that it has actually worked this good for several things. To download and check other info visit:

Morrowind OnlineOffsite Link

Also make sure you check their forums for extended information. This project is listed as DEAD. Please email me any other findings.

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