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Last Updated : July 19th, 2006

There has been a few fan made patches which fix other things that were not included in the Official patches. To use these make sure you have installed the official patches that you require first. You may download these patches here:

If you have Bloodmoon or Tribunal : Download (v1.6.2) Archive File Download
If you have just Morrowind : Download (v1.2.1) Archive File Download

The version names are corresponding with the last patches Bethesda officially put out. These are really just mods, which have to be loaded as such, if you don't know how to load a mod, go to Data Files in the Morrowind menu and check the mods you wish to use. These files need to be extracted in correct Morrowind folders to work as well.

These are by Paul CarrMail Link. For updates check hereOffsite Link.

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