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Last Updated : June 20th, 2005

The only utility out there on the web right now is a Trainer, but it is written in german. Use a german translator if you have to, but it's pretty straight forward actually. Just downloadArchive File Download this program, unzip it, and drag a saved game (from albion/saves folder) into the program icon, it will say something close to the following:

Machen Sie vor der Benutzung bitte ein Backup von folgendem File :

WEITER (j/n) ?

Which basically means, make sure you get a backup of the savegame before editing, and to click J = Yes or N = No. It will then take you to another menu which you decide what you want to edit.

Wen möchten Sie editieren ?

1) Tom
2) Rainer
3) Drirr
4) Sira
5) Mellthas

6) Alle auf Maximum
7) Gold
8) Figur ansehen
9) Hitpoints ändern

0) Ende

Clicking on a character's name will bring up a menu to edit any of their stats, or you can choose 7, to edit their gold, or 9 to edit their hitpoints. 6 will just bring up this menu again, and 8 will just show you a list of all characters stats. I am sure you can figure out the rest. Please contact me if you have a english version of this great utility to share with everybody.

Download TrainerArchive File Download

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