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Posted: July 25th, 2006
Last Updated: July 27th, 2006

No Ceiling Warp Glitch

This glitch will work in palace rooms (town houses too) where there is no ceiling and you can use the jump spell to jump above your stats display. Get to the top most platform in the room, use the jump spell and jump into the ceiling (make sure your graphic is totally out of the screen). Next select the fairy spell, and then use it while still out of the screen. Nothing will happen until you try to move. Next you will see the "falling link" cut-scene. Next you will be in a seemingly random location, sometimes even appear stuck in a wall in another place. You can actually skip a lot of the game like this.

Infinite Magic

You can have an infinite supply of magic potions if you keep exiting and entering into a palace that has a statue that contains a magic potion (many do). Another good supply of magic, although not infinite is when a magic healer begins refilling your magic. You can cast spells while she is filling your bars with magic. She will refill up to 16 bars of magic this way. Thanks to ocw for this information.

Avoiding Battle Tiles

To avoid the battles where certain tiles automatically place you in a battle based on the tile make sure you enter a monster encounter on that exact tile and you will enter the monster battle instead of the tile battle, which in most cases is a lot easier.

Easy Experience

To pull this one off you need a character that has already got into the game, but has not completed all palaces. Use this character and beat a palace. As soon as you insert the crystal into the statue and your experience starts raising, quickly use the Quick Save method (shown below). Now go into your new character. All experience will be delivered to your new character.

Double Leveling

Before you enter in a fight with a boss, make you are almost at the next level requirements (within 50 experience or so), then when you beat the boss you will get 2 levels. One from beating the boss and filling the next level requirements, and one from placing the crystal in the statue.

Quick Save

You must have two controllers for this secret. Have the first player press start to pause the game, then have the second player press Up and A at the same time. The game will take you to the menu where you can save or continue.

Game Freeze Glitch

If by chance when you place the crystal in the statue at the end of a boss and manage to leave the palace exit at the same time your experience points rise to the next required level of experience points (ex: 5000/5000) the game will freeze and leave you at a black screen. Probably because it is trying to load the menu and level at the same time.

No Keys

If you are missing some keys in a palace and you have not got the master key yet, you may use the fairy spell to go through any locked door.

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