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Posted: August 3rd, 2006
Last Updated: August 3rd, 2006

This video displays all the changes and differences from the Japanese (Famicom) versions and the North America (Nintendo) versions of the game.

Here is the list of changes that the author found and featured in this video, although he adds some unrelated personal comments for no apparent reason?

1) Japanese: the elevator is too slowwwwww.

English: the elevator been fixed to faster one.

2) Japanese: Fightning the Horseguy in the first temple. Notice the boss roars?

English: battle theme music is different and no boss roars. *wtf, man I suck at this part. I was tired because I miss my girlfriend since she went out of town... so yea*

3) Japanese: no Ganon face on gameover. Boss roars and his name is Gannon in the Japanese version oh and sound are different when u die.

English: Ganon's name fixed and now Ganon shows up.

4) Japanese: fightning boss 2. Notice his one head comes off? There's no clank clank sound as the helmet falls off.

English: 2 heads comes off and helmet makes clank clank.

5) Japanese: fightning boss 3. Notice he dies in odd way.

English: boss death been cleaned.

6) Japanese: these guys can be killed without using fire spell.

English: uses fire spell to kill them.

7) Japanese: notice the child in a cage. You have to stab him to obtain.

English: just walk to him and you got him. Cage been removed.

8) Japanese: talking to the old man. Sound effects are different. Using magic sounds different. The old man have no animation.

English: He has now have animation and the sound effects are different.

9) Japanese: different looking wizard boss.

English: different boss.

10) Japanese: Gooma is absent in this version, so you fight Helmethead. Notice his both of the helmet falls off. Like in the English palace 2 boss. He takes forever to kill and he's hard too.

English: Gooma is now added in this version.

11) Japanese: Horseguy guards the false wall in Temple 5.

English: Horseguy removed and now just normal blue Ironknuckle.

12) Japanese: Dragon boss Barba is different. All he do is goes up and down. He looks different. Roars.

English: Different looking Barba, doesn't roars, goes up and stop until you try to stab him.

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