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Posted: December 18th, 2005
Last Updated: March 26th, 2007


This table will show you each character display picture, health value, special move, and weakness if it is known. The names shown are from the only known english translation of the game. It is possible they may be made up by the translator himself.


Hawk Health

Removes all purple blocks


Ruu Health

Removes all potion blocks, and uses them to heal


Ed Health

Removes all gray blocks


Broken Health

Removes all potion blocks, and uses them to heal


Baron Health

Removes the three bottom rows of blocks


Montalios Health

Removes all purple blocks


Goliath Health

Removes all gray blocks


Tapa Health

Removes all potion blocks and uses them to heal


Dragos Health

Removes the three bottom rows of blocks

If you are playing single player, you will only be able to play the top three characters. Characters with the healing special move typically have the most longevity in battle, especially with a full meter of specials. The best overall character is definitely Tapa, since she has the healing special move and also has the most health out of the ones who use a that type of move.

You may also choose to be Zor, the boss from single player, which is obtained by pressing the following at the character selection screen: hold L and R, and hit Down, Up, Down, Down, Up, Up, Left, Right, A. He has more health than any of the characters (slightly more than the Goliath), and also removes all the gray blocks as his special move; however, using him is probably considered cheating.


Players will continuity get a set of either two or three blocks to stack into the play field. When lining three, four, or five matching blocks, vertically, diagonally or horizontally it removes the lined up blocks and the effect is released from the blocks:

Dagger Dagger Block - Attacks your opponent with a dagger.
Scroll Scroll Block - Attacks your opponent with a magic fireball.
Potion Potion Block - Heals some of your health.
Egg Egg Block - Attacks your opponent with a hatched dragon.
Purple Purple (Blank) Block - Does nothing.
Heart Heart Block - Raises your maximum health, and heals you completely. The heart blocks are fairly rare, and even more rare to get them lined up.

It is also fairly common to get a set of three matching blocks to place into the play field. This is seen as a bonus as you can line up five matching blocks very easily this way. You can get more than one line in a move and this will fire the effect twice (or more). Saying that, lines are also not limited to five across the screen as you may think. You can get quite complex formations like such as:

Dossun! Ganseki Battle pattern Example of two sets of three (six).

Dossun! Ganseki Battle pattern Example of one set of three, and one of four (seven).

Lining up five blocks together, vertically or horizontally will get you a special move. Getting five in a row may sound like a challenge, but if you do it early in the game, it becomes very simple. For more information on this, view the Starting Out section.

You get the exact same selection of blocks as your opponent for the whole game, although they will begin to look different, as both of you are going at different speeds. You will lose if you fill your screen above the top line with blocks, however you can still get a line while the blocks coming down are out of the screen, as long as you get a line from that move. You will also lose if your health drops to zero; however, there is a graphical glitch that will show your health as fully red even though you still have a very minimal amount.

Grayed out blocks appear in your field when other players get chains. These grayed blocks can sometimes appear in your blank playing space, causing gaps in your blocks, and making you lose space. Most effectively, sometimes gray blocks can appear under you while you are dropping blocks, which causes the blocks to stack on top. Because of this feature grey blocks never spawn too close to the top of your play field (they never go in the top three horizontal spaces).


Chains, sometimes called combinations are basically chain reactions set off by getting certain lines, which produce other lines when the other blocks fall down. You can get really intense when chaining. For every chain you get, you put a gray block in the opponents field. For every third and thereafter you get to do a special attack on your opponent which does very nice damage. To explain this theory better, use the chart:

1 chain (two lines) - gray block
2 chains - two gray blocks
3 chains - three gray blocks, special attack
4 chains - four gray blocks, two special attacks
5 chains - five gray blocks, three special attacks
6 chains - six gray Blocks, four special attacks
and so forth...

Dossun! Ganseki Battle chain Example of one chain (two egg blocks drop down, lining up).

Dossun! Ganseki Battle chain Example of one chain with two lines (two scroll blocks drop down, lining up while three purple blocks on top line up as well)

Dossun! Ganseki Battle chain Example of three chains (skyscraper formation) (one egg block drops down, lining up, then from that one dagger block drops, lining up, then from that two purple blocks drop, lining up)

Starting Out

The best starting out move I found to use is to try and get five in a row right off the bat to get you a special move to use later on. If you can, try and get two or three specials as well. Align the bottom row like so:

Dossun! Ganseki Battle special

Other Strategies

Always try to get diagonals, because even not by choice, you have a greater chance of getting chains, since you are usually making a couple lines drop. Statistically this is the best move of chance.

Another good way to get chains by chance is to leave one slot open for the entire game, then once you start getting a full screen, strategically place matching blocks in the open slot. Since this will drop lines far below, you have a good chance of getting chains by chance. Make sure the slot you are leaving open is not on the edge, as this is harder to gain chance chains. Example of leaving one slot open:

Dossun! Ganseki Battle strategy

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