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Posted: January 15th, 2008
Last Updated: January 18th, 2008


DISCLAIMER: Remember, this is only a guide of how to price some of the items you might want to sell to other players, or to put on your vendor. Be a positive force to the economy, and charge more than what is shown here, maybe even charge less; basically, only use this as a rough estimation and charge whatever you think is fair, and what the items are worth.



Item Name Low Middle High Bonuses/Commentary
Powder of Translocation Powder of Translocation 150gp 250gp 500gp  
Crystal Ball of Pet Summoning Crystal Ball of Pet Summoning 10,000gp 12,500gp 15,000gp To be more consitent you may add 100gp times the amount of charges.
Bag of Sending Bag of Sending 10,000gp 12,500gp 15,000gp To be more consitent you may add 100gp times the amount of charges.
Zoogi Fungus Zoogi Fungus 50gp 100gp 200gp Zoogi Fungus usually go for less than half of what Powder of Translocations go for because of the hassle of turning them into Powders from the quests.
  Picnic Basket 200gp 300gp 500gp Perhaps worth a little less without original items inside.
Bracelet of Binding Bracelet of Binding 200gp 300gp 500gp  

Special Items


Item Name Low Middle High Bonuses/Commentary
Arcane Gem Arcane Gem 25gp 50gp 100gp To sell these gems easier, a good idea would be to put larger numbers of them in bags and sell them bulk like this on vendors.
Bola Bola 100gp 250gp 500gp  
Bola Ball Bola Ball 10gp 25gp 50gp If you are selling unfinished bolas, you may sell them in sets of four (or multiples of four) in bags.
Clockwork Assembly Clockwork Assembly 25gp 100gp 250gp  
Firehorn Firehorn 10gp 25gp 100gp  
Gargoyle Pickaxe Gargoyle's Pick Axe 250gp 500gp 1,500gp  
Savage Masks Savage Masks 25gp 50gp 75gp The complete set of Savage Masks (30 colors) can be sold for around 10k.
  Tribal Spear 10gp 25gp 50gp Although these are supposed to fairly rare and are supposed to break when taking them from corpses, they don't, making them extremely common and easy to get.
  Tribal Berry 25gp 50gp 100gp  
Savage Kin Paint Savage Kin Paint 500gp 1000gp 2500gp More or less now used as decoration, as blue-hued skins has become more common with elves, and would not be that special. Still fetches for a bit considering the required skill in cooking to make them.
  Orcish Bow 100gp 250gp 1,000gp  
  Glacial Staff 25,000gp 30,000gp 45,000gp  
Power Crystal Power Crystal 25gp 50gp 150gp  

Carpentry prices are based on how many logs (+ extra resources) it takes to build them, and then extra additions are made based on if there is a chance to fail at 100 carpentry. People also tend to charge more on the really big items because they are a nuisance to stock on vendors, this has not been included in this section. This section is not completed.


Item Name Low Middle High Bonuses/Commentary
Short Music Stand Short Music Stand 200gp 300gp 600gp  
Tall Music Stand Tall Music Stand 300gp 400gp 800gp  
Easel Easel 350gp 450gp 900gp Doesn't come with a canvas in Demise.
Wooden Box Wooden Box 100gp 200gp 400gp Comes with key.
Small Crate Small Crate 80gp 180gp 360gp Comes with key.
Medium Crate Medium Create 150gp 250gp 500gp Comes with key.
Large Crate Large Crate 180gp 280gp 560gp Comes with key.
Wooden Chest Wooden Chest 200gp 300gp 600gp Comes with key.
Wooden Shelf Wooden Shelf 250gp 350gp 700gp Also known as a book case/shelf.
ArmoireArmoire Red Armoire (Both) 450gp 550gp 1,100gp  
Plain Wooden ChestOrnate Wooden ChestGilded Wooden Chest Plain, Ornate, Gilded Wooden Chest 500gp 600gp 1,200gp Comes with key.
Wooden Footlocker Wooden Footlocker 500gp 600gp 1,200gp Comes with key.
Tall CabinetShort Cabinet Tall, Short Cabinet 550gp 650gp 1,300gp  
Red ArmoireElegant ArmoireCherry ArmoireMaple Armoire Red, Elegant, Cherry, Maple Armoire 600gp 700gp 1,400gp  
Foot StoolStool Footstool, Stool 90gp 190gp 380gp  
Straw ChairWooden ChairTrinsic Style Chair Straw, Wooden, Trinsic Style Chair 130gp 230gp 460gp  
Vesper Style Chair Vesper Style Chair 150gp 250gp 500gp  
Wooden BenchWooden Throne Wooden Bench, Throne 170gp 270gp 540gp  
Magincia Style Throne Magincia Style Throne 190gp 290gp 580gp Also known simply as thrones.
Small TableWriting Table Small, Writing Table 170gp 270gp 540gp  
Large Table Large Table 230gp 330gp 660gp  
Yew Wood Table Yew Table 370gp 470gp 940gp  
Elegant Low TablePlain Low Table Elegant, Plain Low Table 400gp 500gp 1,000gp  

Stealables (Semi-Rares)
Due to OSI-Demise inconsitencies, many semi-rares are not actually rare on Demise (can be bought from NPCS), and as such are removed from this list.


Item Name Low Middle High Bonuses/Commentary
Bananas Bananas 100gp 250gp 500gp  
Bunch Of Dates Bunch Of Dates 100gp 500gp 1,000gp  
Coconut Coconut 100gp 150gp 200gp This type of coconut can also be found on lower level humanoids more commonly.
Coconut Cut Coconut (Cut) 100gp 250gp 500gp  
Coconut Split Coconut (Split) 100gp 250gp 750gp  
LimesLemons Limes, Lemons 100gp 250gp 1,000gp  
Slab Of Bacon

Slab Of Bacon

50gp 100gp 250gp  
Wedge Of Cheese Wedge Of Cheese 50gp 100gp 200gp  
Wedge Of Cheese Wheel Wedge Of Cheese (Peice Missing) 100gp 200gp 500gp Can also be found in Solen's Picnic Baskets.
  Banana 100gp 250gp 350gp  
  Turnip 50gp 100gp 200gp  
  Wheel Of Cheese 100gp 250gp 500gp  
  Dirty Pot/Pan (Various) 100gp 200gp 400gp There is 6 different graphics of dirt pots/pans.
  Watermelon (Small) 50gp 150gp 250gp  
Iron WireCopper WireSilver WireGold Wire Iron, Copper, Silver, Gold Wire 500gp 1,000gp 2,000gp  
Ingot Ingot (Reversed) 250gp 750gp 1,500gp Not confirmed to spawn on Demise.
Forged Metal Forged Metal 250gp 750gp 1,500gp  
Horseshoes Horseshoes 250gp 750gp 1,500gp  
Dried FlowersDried FlowersDried HerbsDried Onions Dried Flowers, Herbs, Onions 500gp 1,000gp 4,000gp  
Arrow Shafts Arrow Shafts 250gp 750gp 1,500gp Not confirmed to spawn on Demise.
Chisels Chisels 250gp 750gp 1,500gp  
Deadwood Deadwood 250gp 750gp 1,500gp  
  Bandages (Reversed) 250gp 750gp 1,500gp Not confirmed to spawn on Demise.
Toolkit Toolkit (Squared) 500gp 1000gp 2,000gp  
Whip   500gp 1,000gp 4,000gp Not confirmed to spawn on Demise.
Paint Brush Paint Brush 500gp 1000gp 2,000gp Not confirmed to spawn on Demise.
Rolling Pin Rolling Pin 50gp 100gp 250gp  

Treasure Maps


Item Name Low Middle High Bonuses/Commentary
Treasure Map Plainly Drawn Treasure Map 250gp 500gp 750gp Level 1
Treasure Map Expertly Drawn Treasure Map 500gp 1,000gp 1,500gp Level 2
Treasure Map Adeptly Drawn Treasure Map 1,500gp 2,000gp 2,750gp Level 3
Treasure Map Cleverly Drawn Treasure Map 2,000gp 3,000gp 4,000gp Level 4
Treasure Map Deviously Drawn Treasure Map 2,500gp 4,000gp 5,500gp Level 5
Treasure Map Ingeniously Drawn Treasure Map 75,000gp 100,000gp 125,000gp Level 6
Treasure Map Youthfully Drawn Treasure Map 0gp 0gp 0gp Young player quest item.



Item Name Low Middle High Bonuses/Commentary
Leather Leather 5gp 10gp 15gp  
Spined Leather Spined Leather 20gp 25gp 35gp  
Horned Leather Horned Leather 25gp 30gp 60gp  
Barbed Leather Barbed Leather 30gp 35gp 90gp  
Iron Ingot Iron Ingot 5gp 7gp 10gp  
Dull Copper Ingot Dull Copper Ingot 25gp 35gp 45gp Minimum Skill: 65 Mining
Shadow Iron Ingot Shadow Iron Ingot 35gp 45gp 55gp Minimum Skill: 70 Mining
Copper Ingot Copper Ingot 40gp 50gp 60gp Minimum Skill: 75 Mining
Bronze Bronze Ingot 45gp 60gp 75gp Minimum Skill: 80 Mining
Golden Ingot Golden Ingot 50gp 70gp 90gp Minimum Skill: 85 Mining
Agapite Ingot Agapite Ingot 55gp 80gp 105gp Minimum Skill: 90 Mining
Verite Ingot Verite Ingot 60gp 90gp 120gp Minimum Skill: 95 Mining
Valorite Ingot Valorite Ingot 65gp 100gp 135gp Minimum Skill: 99 Mining
Black Dragon Scales Black Dragon Scales 30gp 35gp 60gp  
Blue Dragon Scales Blue Dragon Scales (Sea Serpent Scales) 20gp 25gp 35gp  
Green Dragon Scales Green Dragon Scales 25gp 30gp 45gp  
Red Dragon Scales Red Dragon Scales 15gp 25gp 35gp  
White Dragon Scales White Dragon Scales 30gp 35gp 60gp  
Yellow Dragon Scales Yellow Dragon Scales 15gp 25gp 35gp  

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