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Many different links, are listed on many different websites of mine right now. So to reduce redundancy, I have minimized this list.

My Other Sites

Half-Life LibraryOffsite Link - Half-Life Library is a Half-Life wiki where anybody can edit and add as much content as they want. This site focuses more on user generated content like custom maps, modifications, videos, models, clans and more.
Medicine Hat MediaOffsite Link - Medicine Hat Media is all about showcasing local media - whether it be videos, events, local band music or other things happening in and around the Hat.
Vaughn Royko - My PortfolioOffsite Link - This is my main portfilio and personal website. I'm currently in my archival mode so you will see a lot of my different work from a lot of different years, as well as the most current stuff I get myself in to.
Vaughn Royko - LinkageOffsite Link - This is my most frequently updated links page, so you can refer here to all my current projects and site.

Great Links

Astoria: Theodor Lauppert's HomepageOffsite Link - My main inspiration for this site.
GameFAQsOffsite Link - Where would anybody be without this site? Walkthroughs and guides for every game you can imagine.
The WikipediaOffsite Link - The Wikipedia started it's journey to the top years ago. Now it is the largest, most advanced online encyclopedia in the world. This site is my God.
Internet Movie Database (IMDB)Offsite Link - A great site that I will link to from time to time, since it includes some information about games as well.
GameSpotOffsite Link - A great game site with reviews, screenshot, videos, and news on upcoming games, I usually reference this all the time.
Overclock RemixOffsite Link - An amazing site featuring music remixes from hundreds of game soundtracks, mostly classic games :).
Tool Assisted Console Game MoviesOffsite Link - A huge name, but it's got amazing content on the site. It has speed runs and time attacks for hundreds of games.
ModDBOffsite Link - I love modifications for all the games that I play. I usually try to mod games too if I like them a lot. This site has thousands of mods for hundreds of PC games. ForumOffsite Link - A great web host and a great forum!

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