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Posted: March 1st, 2006
Last Updated: March 1st, 2006

Although there has been many user-made add-ons and total conversions this is the only semi official expansion newly available for Shadow Warrior. The story is fairly interesting. Wanton Destruction was completed by a company called Sunstorm, but it was put on hold from the distributor. It sat there for years until Sunstorm finally went out of business. Recently (September 2005) 3D Realms got a email from the former president of Sunstorm, Anthony Campiti. He explained that he found a old cd-rom that contained the full version of the completed add-on/expansion. 3D Realms got a copy of the cd and now offer it to the public for free. It really is a weird and great story. To download and see all the information, view the 3D Realms news postOffsite Link about it.

Shadow Warrior Wanton Destruction

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Unfortunately to my knowledge (and experience) JonoF's port is not compatible with Wanton Destruction.

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