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Posted: March 1st, 2006
Last Updated: March 1st, 2006

All classic methods of playing this game online have been expired, all but one actually. Originally there was four different internet gaming services that allowed users to play Shadow Warrior online. These services included: logo which is now closed down.

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Ten, the official multiplayer service of the game, which is also now closed down.

ic logo

ic which is also closed down.

Kali logo

The only service that is still around is KaliOffsite Link. You will still need to be an older system to run Shadow Warrior of course.

Fortunately today...

PlayWang is the easiest and newest way to play against other people on the internet. It also doubles as a nifty Total Conversion loader, and also a map loader that works directly with JonoF's port, or Swp.exe by ProAsmOffsite Link. For more information about these ports and how they work, please visit my OpenGL Port page. PlayWang was actually also created by ProAsm. You can read more about and download PlayWang hereOffsite Link.

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