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Posted: March 5th, 2005
Last Updated: March 5th, 2005

Below is a full transcript of the IUIC transmissions during the game. This guide does not only contain IUIC messages, but probably all the text that shows up on-screen during the game. The text ordering and formatting is kept like original in titles.txt.

Hazard Course Messages

Hazard Course Message 1

Welcome to the Poke646 hazard course.

The first exercise is an obstacle
course to train your basic fitness.
You will only be allowed to proceed
if you manage to reach the platform
on the other side of the course.
Good luck!

Hazard Course Message 2

Sorry, but you didn't make the
obstacle course in time. Please
return to the start, hit the button
and try again... this time harder.

Hazard Course Message 3

Congratulations, you managed to
complete the obstacle course. Please
head over to the next section.

Hazard Course Message 4

Every Poke646 employee has his own
"info unit identity card" (IUIC). This
card serves as a connection to "info
units" (IU) which are used for all
inhouse communication.

Please pick up the IUIC in front of you.

Hazard Course Message 5

If someone at Poke646 sends you
a message, you will receive a
repeating notification on your
IUIC until you connect to an IU.
You can use any IU to read the

Hazard Course Message 6

"Work hard, work smart" - that's a
main part of the Poke646 philosophy.
You will only be able to leave the
next room if you can find out the
code for the exit door.

Hazard Course Message 7

Excellent, now it's time for some
more intense fitness training. Please
head over to the "Combat Fitness"
training area.

Hazard Course Message 8

Poke646 employees have a high risk of close
encounters with alien lifeforms and therefore
need to be trained in close combat.

In the next room find yourself something to use
as a weapon and burst the crates to reach the
exit. Keep an eye on your physical condition and
don't over-exert, this will only slow you down
and make you weaker.

Hazard Course Message 9

Please hand out your weapon to the guard
behind the counter before you proceed to
the next area.

Hazard Course Message 10

Explosives are an effective way to fight
alien lifeforms. Study the chart on the
wall carefully to train the necessary
movements for throwing the pipebomb
across the fence and kill the bullsquid
(don't worry, we're cloning more than
enough of them in our labs).

Hazard Course Message 11

Every Poke646 employee is equipped with a
multifunctional wristwatch, it can be
adjusted to send in almost every radio
frequency. Use it to detonate the pipebomb.

A pipebomb is not a charged explosive and
can be picked up again if you accidentally
throw it in the wrong place.

Hazard Course Message 12

Excellent. Head over to the next area.

Hazard Course Message 13

Didn't you read the briefing? You were
supposed to hurt the bullsquid, not yourself.
Try again...

Hazard Course Message 14

The next exercise will test your physical
stability and how much damage you can stand
without being armored. Please move through
the next room as fast as you can and we will
scan your health status afterwards.

Hazard Course Message 15

The health scanner displays that you need
to train hazardous situations much more in
order to survive combat situations. Please
refresh at the soda machine for the last
part of the training area.

Hazard Course Message 16

Good knowledge of alien lifeforms is a huge
advantage in surviving any close encounter
with Xen creatures. Study the charts on the
wall about the most common Xen enemies.

Hazard Course Message 17

Since the so called "Black Mesa incident" we
discovered more uncommon species, two of them
being the "Explotoad" and the "Xen Squasher".
Learn more about them in the next room.

Hazard Course Message 18

The "Explotoad" is a frog-like creature which
gets out of temper very easy. It secretes a
slimy substance to mark its "district". Push
the button on the wall to see what happens if
you step into an explotoads district.

Hazard Course Message 19

Shooting at explotoads will result in the
same behaviour of "detonation suicide".

Hazard Course Message 20

A Xen creature of an extremely high value
is the "Xen Squasher". This animal loves
Acme's "Yum Yum Candy" and can be tamed
when fed regularly. In addition it can
be used as a weapon: squeeze it after it's
been fed and it will spit a deadly acid
whereever you point it to, even onto other
Xen lifeforms.

Hazard Course Message 21

The more common "Barnacles" seem to have the
same addiciton for candy and will eventually
leave a box of it after being killed.

Hazard Course Message 22

Try to get familiar with this "weapon" on
the Poke646 target range. This will close
the section C training area of the Poke646
boot camp.

Hazard Course Message 23

Congratulations, you successfully completed the
section C training area of the Poke646 boot camp.
You can leave the target range through the lower
exit. Thanks for participating, come back any time.

Intro Messages

Intro Message 1


Industry district, 3:42 p.m.
13 months after the incidents at Black Mesa.

Intro Message 2

The Black Mesa Research Facility has been
shut down. The nation never got to know
anything about the experiments there. The
less you know, the less you worry.

Intro Message 3

The government founded a new organisation
to handle "alien related topics". They hired
the best scientists, technicians and military
forces worldwide. Its name is Poke646.

Intro Message 4

Some days ago the Poke646 scientists spotted
alarming signals from the Xen homeworld. It
looks as if the aliens plan to invade Nation
City by opening a massive amount of portals.

Intro Message 5

But the Poke646 Tech Labs are already prepared:
some months ago the technicians developed a huge
generator which is able to close hundreds of
portals at once with a bundled energy beam.

Intro Message 6

Four generators are about to be installed at the
edges of Nation City. With all four activated
they will form a giant beam and hopefully
destroy the alien portal technology forever.

Intro Message 7

Damien Reeves, the technical assistant of
Dr. Fuller, doesn't know all these details.
All he is currently worrying about is where
the hell he lost his car keys when suddenly...

Map Title Text

Audion Message 1

3 hours later...

Audion Message 2

Chapter 1:

Sewer Message

Chapter 2:

Library Message

Chapter 3:

Eastend Message

Chapter 4:

Xen Message


Subway Messages

Subway Message 1

NC//RC Radio System
Please enter your ID co}}d -e...,++Wxx

Damien, it's me, Dr. Fuller. I managed to hack
the NCRC radio system, but I've got bad news
for you. The Xen teleporters damaged the train
controls and you won't be able to stop the
train anymore.

Subway Message 2

You're rapidly racing into a dead end so you
need to get off the train. Try to reach the end
of the train and destroy the emergency clutch,
this will uncouple the last waggon and you should
come to a safe stop.

Subway Message 3

You have around 5 minutes time before you'll crash
into a wall at Eastend station, so hurry up! I'll
unlock the waggon doors for you, this should be
possible from here.

Audion Messages

Audion/Hazard? Message

From: Poke646 HQ
To: Trainee

The code for the door to your left is
9125. Enter the code and proceed to
the next area.

Audion Message 1

From: Dr. Sebastian Fuller
To: Damien Reeves

Hello Damien,

back in our HQ we noticed that we must've
somehow forgotten you while evacuating
the whole city some hours ago. Our mission
failed - the alien forces have already opened
hundreds of portals and we had no time left
to activate the generators.

Audion Message 2

It is too dangerous to send troops into the
city again so you are on your own. Your only
chance to get out alive is to activate all 4
generators and defeat the alien breed. To
start the generator in front of you, you'll
need to activate the main warehouse power

Audion Message 3

I'm truly sorry that things turned out this way,
but now you are our only hope to strike back
Xen and... well... save the human race.
Good luck!

P.S.: I'll stay in contact with you from HQ and
give you orders via any available info unit.

Sewer Messages

Sewer Message 1

From: Dr. Sebastian Fuller
To: Damien Reeves

Damien, I'm glad to see you're still alive!
Even better that you've managed to enable the
first generator! But the alien activity on our
screens is still very high so you shouldn't
waste any time and head over to the second

Sewer Message 2

The 2nd generator is located in a prohibited area
owned by the Nation City Sewer Authority. I'm
afraid your only way to get there is right through
the sewers. You will find another IU in the NCSA
property and I will get in contact with you there.

Sewer Message 3

P.S.: I just noticed that you must be near one
of our tech vans. You should take a look around
the crates, maybe you'll find some weaponry in

Sewer Message 4

From: Dr. Sebastian Fuller
To: Damien Reeves

Damien, you're one tough guy! I lost your
signals when you got down into the sewers
and I already lost faith in you. Damn, a good
consistence for a technical assistant! Ok, on
to your tasks: this generator is already
connected to the NCSA power plant.

Sewer Message 5

Just hit the switch and immediately head for
the surface, the alien teleporters cause minor
earthquakes which could be very critical down
where you are. Hopefully our tech staff didn't
lock the doors, otherwise you'll have to find
yourself a way out.

Sewer Message 6

The 3rd generator has been installed in the
secret Poke646 bunker inside of the Nation
City library, located on Twain Street. You'll
find new weapons, medkits and another IU
inside of the bunker, I'll give you your last
instructions there.

Library Messages

Library Message 1

From: Dr. Sebastian Fuller
To: Damien Reeves

So you made it through the city and found our
tech van, very good! I'm afraid the library
front entrance is locked so you need to enter
through the side entrance. We aren't receiving
many alien signals from inside the library so
you shouldn't encounter any serious problems.

Library Message 2

The 3rd generator is located in the secret
Poke646 bunker, deep down in the basement
of the library. The entrance to the bunker is
hidden behind a bookshelf in the "biology"
section, turn this around to enter the elevator
leading down to the basement.

Library Message 3

The elevator requires a code to be activated,
it's 6122. Inside of the bunker you'll find a lot
of supplies and weapons to prepare you for the
last part of your mission, good luck!

Poke646 HQ Messages

Poke646 HQ Message 1

From: Dr. Sebastian Fuller
To: Damien Reeves

Damien, stay tuned while I poke a "level 2
authorization" into your identity card, this
should open you most doors down here - but
I'm afraid you need a "level 3 authorization"
to access the generator area.

Poke646 HQ Message 2

Unfortunately I can't give you an access code
that high from where I am. However, take a look
around and I'm sure you can find a level 3 IUIC
somewhere. I programmed the bunker exit so it
opens as soon as you activate the generator.

Poke646 HQ Message 3

Erm... there is also some bad news on the way,
but it's better to tell you more about that after
you've activated the generator. You'll find
another IU near the bunker exit.

Poke646 HQ Message 4

From: Dr. Sebastian Fuller
To: Damien Reeves

Now we have what I would call "a worst case
scenario". The Poke646 military headquarters
decided that 3 activated generators are enough
and sent troops into the city again to clean up
the remaining alien breed.

Poke646 HQ Message 5

Their order is to shoot on sight so you need to
get out of the city immediately, they won't
hesitate to eliminate you as well! I gave the order
to send a tank to the bunker surface exit which
will pick you up and give you a safe ride back
to our HQ.

Poke646 HQ Message 6

The military staff is extremely nervous about
the alien invasion and their troops are heavily
armed so you really need to avoid any contact
with them! Ok, I'll unlock the elevator doors in
a second and hope to see you again soon.

Eastend Messages

Eastend Message 1

From: Dr. Sebastian Fuller
To: Damien Reeves

Damn, Colonel Decker was your last hope to
get out of the city alive! So we need to change
our plans, let's see... Ok, you'll have to
activate the last generator, this will show
those military blockheads that it's useless
to burn down the whole city.

Eastend Message 2

Unfortunately you won't be able to reach the
last generator by foot, it's located in Eastend,
the slums on the other side of town. Your best
bet will be to get down to the subway station
nearby and capture the train to Eastend.

Eastend Message 3

Our radar shows very high military activity
down there so my advice is to proceed with
extreme caution!

Eastend Message 4

From: Dr. Sebastian Fuller
To: Damien Reeves

The whole subway station runs on emergency power,
looks as if the subway personnel shut down the
main power before they left. You need to get
into the power room on the other platform of
the station and activate the train power in order
to get onto the train.

Eastend Message 5

I'll try to hack the railroad radio system so
I can stay in contact with you once you're on
the train. Good luck!

Eastend Message 6

From: Dr. Sebastian Fuller
To: Damien Reeves

Very good work Damien, you're nearing the end of
your mission. The 4th and last generator is close
nearby, built up at an abandoned warehouse on the
other side of the harbor dock.

Eastend Message 7

To keep out trespassers, the Poke646 staff have
charged tripmines throughout the whole area, so
approach the warehouse with extreme caution!
Heavy explosions on my radar show that the troops
are trying to activate the generator themselves,
with no luck I'm afraid.

Eastend Message 8

So it's once again up to you to fulfill the
mission and finally make the bundled beam of all
4 generators reach Xen... and bring this to an end.

Outro/Xen Message

Now I understand why the troops were so keen
on hunting me down. I already knew too much.
Dr. Fuller tried his best to save me, but after
all he is on their side and has always been. Here
I sit, betrayed by everyone and stranded on a
foreign world without any possibility to get back.

Are they going to send a rescue ship? I shouldn't
bet on that. I managed to destroy their most
advanced technology, crossed all their attempts
to eliminate Xen and I know way too much about
their dirty plans. I should start to feel familiar
with this world, looks as if it'll become my new

Goodbye world, welcome Xen...

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