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Posted: December 9th, 2005
Last Updated: July 22nd, 2007

Most of these changelogs here are in their original formatting. For a more comprehensive list please visit Bry's Natural-SelectionOffsite Link.

3.1.2 Server Patch - December 2nd, 2005
3.1.1 Server Patch - November 20th, 2005
3.1 - November 10th, 2005
3.0 Beta 5 - September 3rd, 2004
3.0 Beta 4a - May 1st, 2004
3.0 Beta 4 - April 26th, 2004
3.0 Beta 3 - February 10th, 2004
3.0 Beta 2 - January 30th, 2004
3.0 - November 11th, 2003
2.01 Server Patch - September 19th, 2003
2.0 - July 31st, 2003
1.04 Server Patch - January 24th, 2003
1.03 Server Patch - November 27th, 2002
1.02 Server Patch - November 16th, 2002
1.01 Server Patch - November 6th, 2002
1.0 - October 31st, 2002 (Halloween)

NS v3.1.2 changelog
December 2nd, 2005

Balance changes
O Hand grenade damage reduced from 100 to 80.
O Hand grenade damage reduced from 2x vs. structures to 1x.
O Gorge healspray now heals Gorge that triggers it as well.
O Increased Gorge armor from 50 to 70.
O The shotgun pellets now distribute more evenly.
O Shotgun has a range of 700.

NS v3.1.1 changelog
November 20th, 2005

O Fixed a crash related that some servers were experiencing ("Host_Error: PF_MessageEnd_I", BlipList message no longer exceeds maximum transmission size of 20 friendly, 25 alien blip limits)
O Fixed an issue where under certain conditions the wrong sound files were being played when a player requested another player to weld them
O ssay82 and ssay83 are now checked when mp_consistency is 1

NS v3.1 changelog
November 10th, 2005

New features
O Skulk wallwalk has been improved:
- Skulks can now vault from walls. When attached to a wall, pressing jump will make the skulk jump in the direction the player is facing.
- Precision wallwalking: While holding +speed (aka walk) the skulk will stick to walls much more rigorously then before. This makes it possible to navigate difficult architecture.
- Wallwalk is now disabled when walking on the floor.

O Implemented teammate query icons:
- Invoking a query from the popupmenu ("Follow me", "Covering you", "Weld/Heal me") displays an icon over the player issuing the query. This lasts for 6 seconds.
- The invoking player may look at another player to issue that order directly to their target. The query will pop up in the upper middle of the target player's HUD.

O Added new map: ns_shiva (Thanks Moultano!)

O Added Fade eye icon next to NS in the Steam games list

Gameplay changes
O Hand Grenades significantly reworked:
- Reduced their research cost: 20 res -> 10 res (Classic Mode only)
- Reduced the time between throw and detonation: 2.0s -> 0.75s
- Hand Grenades can now be thrown before the prime grenade animation has finished, allowing faster throws.
- Number of Hand Grenades equipped upon spawn has been increased: 1 -> 2

O Changed Alien gestation times (times are given for Classic Mode and are in seconds, they are scaled down in Combat):
- Skulk 7 -> 3
- Gorge 17 -> 10
- Lerk 20 -> 15
- Fade 23 -> 25
- Onos 38 -> 35

O Shotgun pellets now spread randomly: five pellets in an outside 20 degree cone, and five pellets within a 7 degree cone

O Duck toggle implemented:
- Bind "toggleduck" to a key to use
- While duck is toggled, pressing +duck will unduck and releasing will revert the player to a ducked state
- This also allows reverse wallwalk; where pressing duck enables wallwalk and releasing it drops you from the wall

O Set Alien base Cloaking opacity from 10 to 0 (aka 100% Cloaking)
O Armory now consistently supplies 10 health with every use (once per 0.9 seconds)
O Added some client-side consistency checks for sprites (e.g. muzzleflash)
O Mines can no longer be placed on players or structures
O Mines can't be placed within 15 units of each other (to avoid exploits)
O Commander created structures now dropped from 4 units above the floor (should help with some sinking structure issues)

Game mechanics
O Added support for labelled minimaps:
- Added new setting to advanced multiplayer options: "Draw Location Names"
- cvar is cl_labelmaps
- default value is 'on' (1)
- Map dynamically switches in both HUD and map view
- When turned on, the game displays ns_"map"_labelled.spr in place of ns_"map".spr, if no labelled minimap exists the default one is displayed.

O Added the ability to toggle off NS's gamma ramp:
- Added setting to the advanced options menu: "Enable gamma ramp"
- cvar is cl_gammaramp
- default is 'on' (1)
- Turning this to off will disable the forced gamma ramp. This should allow players on 64-bit systems and others who recieve "downloadable gamma not supported" errors to bypass the problem and set their gamma and color options via their video drivers.

O The commander can now see the health for all buildings and marines, even when not selected, as transparent health circles. Health circles for selected buildings and marines are rendered as normal.

O Mines and Hand Grenades moved to weapon slot 5
O All sayings from the popupmenu now have a cool down time of 3 seconds, to prevent them from being spammed.
O Changed the popupmenu to better reflect the new teammate orders.
O Commander waypoints and orders now pop up in the receiving player's HUD.
O Placing a structure does no longer automatically give selected marines a waypoint to it.
O Structure health is now always visible to maintenance players (players having a welder or healspray set as their active weapon).
O Hive sight range increased: 1500 -> 3000 units
O Players now have to press f4 twice within two seconds to go to the readyroom as a safety measure.

Cosmetic changes:
O Weapon upgrade level is now ignored when determining how much to shake the screen while firing - it is now constant for Pistol, LMG, HMG, and Shotgun.
O Heavy Armor Player model fixed; now stands on floor correctly
O Buildings produce less smoke and more sparks when recycled
O Updated light and heavy HMG model with new sound calls, including new reload sounds (thanks CoolCookieCooks!)
O Cleanup of titles.txt
O Slight change to the LMG draw sound timing
O End game notifications now display in the center of the screen for 10 seconds with a 2 second fadeout.
O Moved alien resource label down
O Moved the chat text panel down so long lines of text won't conceal the crosshair
O Moved left side help text a bit up to prevent overlapping with the chat panel

Map changes:
O Updated co_sava: (Thanks Mendasp!)
- The vents in the hive are now covered (can't shoot the hive unless you're inside the room)
- Add a broken resource tower in Cargo room in order to provide a line of sight block (thanks CoolCookieCooks!)
- Reworked vent system (Lerks can fly in them, shorter travel times, new entrances/exits)
- Removed railings from the Auxiliar monitoring room
- Added more clip brushes to help with the skulk wallwalk in some areas
- Blocked line of sight from the lower entrance to the hive

O Updated ns_altair: (Thanks KungFuDiscoMonkey!)
- Rebuilt Omega Hive
- Rebuilt Consistency Hive
- Rebuilt Marine Start
- Rebuilt Station Monitoring Main
- New Life Support Hive
- New Sub Bay
- Modified the layout of the center of the map
- Changed the P-Corridor to Station Monitoring Main path into a vent
- Added a new path to connect Access Corridor Zeta to Station Monitoring Annex
- Moved the Station Monitoring Stabilty res node to Station Monitoring Annex
- New Readyroom
- Reworked much of the lighting on the map

O Updated ns_bast: (Thanks Mendasp!)
- Fixed Onos spawn issues (redemption / movement chamber) in Feedwater
- Added vent from Feedwater to Atmospheric processing
- Extended path between Engine and Water Treatment
- Fixed stuck point behind the Observe match ladder in the ReadyRoom
- Fixed invisible wall in Refinery Hive above copper pipes
- Lowered ceiling in the corridor between the Marine Spawn and Main Aft Junction

O Updated ns_eon: (Thanks Olmy!)
- Significantly reworked the Node Layout
- Extended Core Monitoring closer towards Core, so that the joining corridor is shorter, and so sieging is easier
- Renamed Coolant Maintenance to Coolant Transfer
- Shifted Coolant Transfer south, to put it closer to core, so that the joining corridor is shorter, and so that sieging is easier
- Widened Cooland Transfer
- Fixed all vis errors
- Opened up the Repair Bay/Maintenance Corridors area a bit
- Opened up Sleeping Area considerably (no more dead ends), and made navigation easier (flat ceiling etc)
- Improved Sleeping Area visually slightly
- Rerouted Life Support vent from Sleeping Area to N-Turn
- Added a new room (with vent access) on the Eastern end of Engine Walkway to house a res node
- Sbend reworked visually
- Vent exit in Sbend changed to exit out of a small room off of Sbend
- Added alot more infestation in the hives
- Added crate at East exit of Marine Start, and moved MS RT slightly East
- Fixed all the sinking structures problems associated with metal grates (apart from the ones in The Hub, as the structures are easily accessible anyway)
- Fixed the bug where you could build structures on the antenae (spikes) outside the Communications window
- Removed the water in Engineering Hall hive, and raised the broken floor so that you can step up it easily
- Added a shielded area on the central structure in Core hive, and also lowered the hive
- Widened the North and South corridor coming off of Core Monitoring
- Made the 'donut' east of Gunpods more spacious (the central structure is considerably smaller now)
- Deleted the Core Power -> Core Monitoring vent
- Made the corridor entering Living Area from Life Support less convoluted and deleted the door so it is less confusing
- Some minor r_speed optimisations here and there

O Updated ns_hera: (Thanks Merkaba!)
- More MS tweaks - the glass walkway is now wider, and the entrance into the MS from this direction is now wide open.
- Added a small window overlooking the corridor from Cargo, allowing marines to attack incoming aliens without fear of melee attacks. This has potential to make it hell for aliens, or just mildly annoying.
- Extremely bright light in Northern Corridor is now a lot easier on the eyes.
- Hopefully fixed the problem with wallwalking through the vent into Data Core hive.
- Sticky light fixtures from MS -> Fog Corridor fixed.
- Redesigned MS -> Cargo route to remove the marine-sized door bottleneck.
- Added a weldable underneath the lift between MS-Cargo - welding brings the lift up and seals off that entrance.
- Put in hint brushes in MS in an attempt (read: attempt!) to bring r-speeds down. It's better in general now, but still goes over 700 in spots.
- Hopefully fixed the stuck-problems in ventilation. All the tunnels now have smooth surfaces allowing for Sasier skulk movement too.
- Tweaked Ventilation Hive, main change being that skulks/lerks/gorges can walk across the area under the hive without having to jump over, or whatever they are.
- Added a hole in the weldable grate in northern corridor, allowing skulks/lerks/jetpackers/fades through, and gorges + marines from one side only.
- Extended vent from Archiving Hive to Northern Corridor so it has another exit above the RT in same corridor
- Fixed the most minor of graphical artifacts in Reception (this was my fault and nothing to do with the wires texture or anything else)
- Fixed HOM in Northern Corridor (Like I need to say that...)
- Added a ladder in Holoroom leading up onto the balcony to cargo
- Retextured Ventilation to an extent
- Modified RT room in Processing so the RT is no longer blocked from view until you run around the centre computer console
- More minor changes

O Updated ns_metal: (Thanks Quazilin!)
- Made Marine start smaller
- Fixed 2 location names
- Added cover in the hallways near Storage D

O Players can now climb up ladders without having to face up or jump on to them (thanks Soylent Green!)
O Fixed loss of lastweapon information when user makes a redundant weapon selection
O Updated Light marine model, removes phantom shotgun cocking sound present in the models' sound calls
O Fixed a bug where a crouching player on an IP would not be killed
O Structures can no longer be dropped in vents in which they would sink
O Fixed bug where the Onos would not properly uncloak while charging
O Fixed bug where some items in the marine popupmenu ("Start", "Weapon", "Orders", "Comms", etc) would be disabled after exiting the command chair
O The shotgun now properly fires an empty click sound when under water and emptied
O Fixed bug where a dead player would not respawn while a key bound to a +command was depressed
O Releasing duck quickly after pressing it will no longer make the player bounce
O Improved client side alien attack animations.
O The installer no longer checks whether Steam is running or not, as it does no real harm if it is.

NS v3.0 Beta 5 Changelog:

Gameplay changes:

O Players who issue the 'kill' command in console cannot restart the timer by issuing 'kill' again
O Commander can now click on switches to activate a door or elevator.
O "slowresearch" cheat now slows down recycling of buildings.
O Alien attacks apply a reduced knock-back effect. If a player is in the air and receives knockback damage the effect is 50% of what it was in beta 4a, if the player is in Heavy Armor (HA) the knockback is reduced an additional 50%.
O Changed knockback of Skulk Bite from 300 to 225.
O Increased jetpack maneuverability, jetpackers are now immune to stomp, and carried items/ammo affect lift less
O Knockback never affects friendly players.
O Parasite and Xenocide now get damage boosts from primal scream.
O Weapons reload exploit fixed.
O Marines are prevented from putting anything but Resource Towers on Resource nozzles.
O Reduced time it takes to throw hand-grenades (thanks BrigadierWolf!)
O Changed hand grenade so it is thrown gently when crouched.
O Movement chamber range increased from 400 to 500.
O Alien resource nodes don't play gurgling sounds until a minute into the game. (prevents commander from listening for starting hive)
O Movement chamber energy bonus increased from 10% to 25%.
O Changed healing spray effectiveness vs. players: changed from 16 to 13 + 4% of target max health. (both for healing friendly players and attacking enemy players)
O Increased Gorge armor from 40 to 50.
O Increased Onos carapace armor bonus from 150 to 350. (makes it closer 50% like all the other aliens)
O Changed hand grenade physics to make them more effective at attacking indirectly.
O Increased redemption chance from 35% per second to 45% per second. (still happens when at or below 40% health)
O Increased spit damage from 25 to 30.
O Grenade launcher cost lowered from 20 to 15.
O Ammo packs now drop when a weapons is dropped (intentionally or upon death)

Combat Specific Gameplay changes:

O Aliens always respawn as skulk, even if they were previously a higher lifeform.
O Dying with a larger lifeform gives you back the points spent on it.
O Unchained alien lifeforms, like regular NS:
- Gorge costs 1 level
- Lerk costs 2 levels
- Fade costs 3 levels
- Onos costs 4 levels
O Lifeform evolution times set to a smaller percentage of those in regular NS.
O Aliens can now only choose a lifeform once per life in Combat.
O Players spawn in waves, with a maximum wave size of 5 players
O A wave starts when there is no wave in progress and a player dies
O The wave finishes when 5 seconds + (number of dead players - 1)*4.5 seconds have elapsed.

Game mechanics changes:

O In NS:Combat, all weapon and armor upgrades will now be correctly assigned to the user who upgraded for them.
O When devolving from a higher alien lifeform to a lower lifeform it was possible to have 0 health but still be "alive". This has been corrected so you start with the correct health/armor for that class .
O Aliens no longer take negative damage (gain the damage back as health) when they have 4 or more hives.
O Parasite flag is now removed from players when they die instead of when they spawn.
O Aliens who are healing while evolving will emerge healed to the correct percentage. (Also goes for damage while evolving)
O Fixed flashlight so it’s no longer possible to run out of energy.
O Players can no longer enter a Comm Chair while it's recycling.
O Aliens can now evolve on slopes without having to jump.
O Fixed problem with alien regeneration, where aliens could sometimes get more health than they were supposed to.
O Alien players should now be able to always evolve provided there is enough room.
O Blast effect from Onos gore and Xenocide no longer affect teammates.
O Build circle restrictions no longer remain for mapper placed buildings that are destroyed.
O Fixed the bug with the ‘startbuilt’ flag for mapper placed offense chambers, they will now be fully functional when the round starts.
O Motion tracking blips no longer show on minimap when there are no more observatories.
O Fixed bug where players dropping straight into water are invulnerable.
O Turrets now track and fire at underwater aliens.
O OCs will no longer fire at digesting players.
O Walking aliens no longer uncloak while strafing or if they have upgraded to celerity.
O Resolved issues with the Phase Gate headroom checking routine.
O Multiple buildings can no longer be placed on the same physical ground-level location.
O All non-standard weapons (including LMG) dropped upon death.
O Tweaked the way gestation space checking works.
O Improved the way deployment of Phase Gates is handled (code-side).
O Issue with grenades being selected when you drop your other weapons resolved.

Cosmetic changes:

O The sound when an alien building is placed only plays if the building is successfully placed.
O Visual reference of a parasite will now be removed when a mapper placed building is destroyed.
O Known issue resolved where 'needs health' message was being spammed due to variable inconsistencies.
O Added new shotshell.mdl for shotgun ejection
O Aliens will no longer show up on motion tracking if they are dead.
O Use key has been disabled for commanders. (prevents phantom use sounds playing)
o Added new jetpack sounds
O Fixed bug where the hive take-damage animation interrupted itself
O Added new NSGuide icon (from amarc)
O lastinv no longer plays sound when used.
O Welder redone, its now possible to tell when you're not welding, welding or finished welding, just by listening to the sound.
O Alerts now play when a 'friendly' gorge attacks a building with FF on.
O Silence upgrade now prevents the primal scream response from players if they have silence.
O Added an offset shotgun crosshair, which correctly represents the center of the damage field for the current shotgun.
O Digesting sounds are now affected by the silence upgrades.
O It is no longer possible to place/keep a waypoint on a cloaked alien.
O Fixed a bug that stopped the sound that normally plays when an aliens spends points from playing.
O Hand Grenade no longer plays the same sound for different actions.
O Tweaked hand grenade sounds from MaDMaXX.
O New hand grenade model from BrigadierWolf.
O Motion tracking blips no longer appear on aliens that you can directly see.
O Digesting players no longer show up on SoF or Parasite.
O Digesting a jetpacker removes their ability to “fly” so trails won’t be seen.
O Phantom Phase Gate sounds will no longer play.
O Long server names will be truncated gracefully as opposed to abruptly on the scoreboard.
O Correct arm models will now be displayed when exiting the command chair as HA.
O Improved animation for hand grenade, including synching up grenade creation with throw.
O Aliens now display the correct amount of res they actually have. It was being shown (24/99) even though you had 25/100.
O Score is now calculated correctly for weighted kills.
O Lowered chat text visually on-screen.
O New ammo pack models

Server Changes:

O Game directory changed from "nsp" back to "ns", now that nearly everyone has moved to the beta
O STEAMIDs now appear on all applicable log messages.
O Updated method of locking cvars to be more efficient.
O Added missing newline character in log message.
O Fixed log messages for "Game reset started" and "Game reset complete" from sometimes having weird characters.
O Locked r_detailedtextures to 0 to prevent exploits.
O Changed mp_limitteams default from 2 to 1 (in server.cfg and listenserver.cfg)
O Added some sprites to mp_consistency precache.
O Numents and entityinfo commands now work with sv_cheats set to 1.
o Changed Linux development platform to gcc-3.2.

Client Changes (non-gameplay related):

O Removed ex_interp from cvar locks.
O Added lightgamma to locked cvars. Value cannot be set below 2.0.

Changes for those who Mod NS:

O Code for Chat box now sends strings as a single argument rather than multiple arguments.

Spectator changes:

O Spectators should be able to see cloaked alien buildings when spectating in first person.

Map Changes:

O Added ns_altair by KungFuDiscoMonkey

O Added co_sava by Mendasp

O Updated ns_nancy from Lazer
- New route to Mother Interface. It's experimental right now and will probably changed around later.
- Some corridor spacing issues resolved (example: Onos can not leave Mother without ducking)
- Double door bug FIXED

O Updated ns_metal
- More infestation/Tweaks
- Optimized surface access
- Fixed 3 build exploits
- Removed weldable pipe (shortcut)
- Added bulges in vents to allow passing
- Lowered cieling in MS
- Ladder weldable moved to Storage D promenade
- Added resource node to Surface Access
- Moved heating room resource to north end of room

O Updated ns_agora
- Added two missing sounds

O Updated ns_bast
- Reduced size of the vent on top of feedwater so marines have to crouch
- Fixed button on the Engine Door
- Fixed a lot of areas where the comm shouldn't build (this includes all the weird feedwater spots)
- Raised Feedwater hive to avoid exploits and making the access to the vent easier
- Moved the Feedwater resource a bit so you can get behind it
- Moved engine and added a second exit to the hive
- Moved the res outside of Refinery to Water treatment
- Made the revolving door unusable (like the one on the other side)
- Lowered Marine Spawn closer to the cargo level and removed the elevator
- Added new area between the Marine Spawn and the Engine corridor
- Moved the new res on the bottom of the main aft lift closer to Tram Tunnel.
- Reduced excessive brightness in some areas (lights over the nodes, feedwater, marine spawn)
- Added vent between Feedwater and Tram Tunnel
- Tweaked the Tram so the Onos can fit without crouching
- Fixed strange clipping holes and errors (this includes some stuck issues too)
- Added lights to the underwater tunnel
- Added vent in Refinery

O Updated ns_hera
- Added missing titles
- Added a resource node in north-west corner of the map, by the weld to the rock cavity.
- Removed a node from Holoroom
- Removed ground path from Cargo to Holoroom
- Added in a balcony overlooking the Holoroom, accessible from the upper level of Cargo.
- Moved the node in Cargo back to it's original place - down in the pit beneath the door.
- Re-routed Maintenance Access' Cargo exit to beside the cargo life next to MS. (Just so the exit doesn't come out at the resource node)
- Enlarged the general area around the CC, as well as fixed the getting stuck problem around it.
- Fixed being able to see into the vent hive as commander with no marines around.
- Added a vent between Archiving hive and North Corridor (heralocation_ncorridor).
- Added a vent from broken security door to Cargo lift.

O Updated co_core
- Enlarged marine start
- Fixed small clipping\clipnode errors
- Decreased water in hive room
- Reduced overall elevation changes
- Broke up line of sight in south hive exit
- Enlarged hive room slightly
- Decreased line-of-sight to hive from northeast hallway
- Several minor geometry changes and fixes

O Updated co_ulysses
- Fixed bug in Hive ramp
- Changed and added detail at Cargo Bay, Marine Spawn and Hive.
- Added a new window to space at Cargo Hive.
- Modified some lights along the map to make it more atmospheric

O Updated co_daimos
- fixed stuck issue in Lower Sewer (bug #0000590)
- grates can now be shot through (bug #0000692)
- added a vent from Hive Area to Upper Tram to allow Alien to fall into the Marines' back there.
- added a vent from Hive Area to Exactly above the PG welding point.

O Updated ns_lost
- Fixed crashing problems
- Marine start redesigned to eliminate the CC pit
- "Closet" resource node removed
- Several weldable vents added
- Window to siege room in Equilibrium now breakable
- Los Paranoias resource node removed
- Added a resource node on Beta Deck
- Reworked weldable into Alpha Continuum hive
- Fixed anomalous flooring outside Eternal Requiem
- Fixed several exploit build areas

NS v3.0 beta 4a changelog
Saturday, May 1st, 2004

O Combat changes
- Aliens no longer grow in experience over time (we didn't have time to test this properly last week)
- There is now a time limit (like old Combat builds!), which by default is 10 minutes. Aliens automatically win after time expires, or if they take out the CC. Marines win by taking out the hive. This time limit can be adjusted using mp_combattime
- Moved game timer off of scoreboard and onto HUD
- When there is less then a minute left, the game time readout blinks (both Combat and NS/tournament mode)
- Focus cost increased from 1 to 2 levels
- Because marines lose if timelimit is reached, sped marine spawning by 1 second to compensate

O Fixed demo recording crash

O Improved server performance (for programmers: we built using a debug version of STLport by accident). There may still be a problem with escalating pings we're still looking into.

O Reduced umbra power so it now blocks 1 out of 2 bullets (down from 2 out of 3) O Grenades no longer teleport into the void before exploding when they are shot into vents (bug #530)

O Abbreviated "Natural Selection" in Steam server list so it's easier to filter by version

O Removed mp_gametime server variable as it is no longer needed

O Fixed gamma problems on map change for maps that didn't specify an env_gamma (usually custom maps)

O Fixed exploit where weapons can be nearly instantly reloaded (bug #334)

O Fixed bug where death messages overlapped spectator UI

O Rewritten structure collision detection from XP-Cagey should mean many less sinking items!

O Lerk flight costs energy again (1/2 the energy cost of beta 3)

O Fixed missing textures in beta 4 (goodbye random pink-checkerboards)

O Removed consistency checking of unnecessary files (mp_consistency 1) (thanks mahnsawce!) (bug #297)

O Updated ns_nancy (helpful for CAL)
- You should no longer be able to siege Port/Subspace without spotting it.
- In an attempt to add a little more balance to the map the vent outside of Port has been turned into a hallway and the stairs to Mother Interface from Messhall were removed.
- Added a couple crates in the Mother Interface area for cover.
- Removed unnecessary side room in the Marine Start area. All it did was add a chance of the commander spawning way too far from the CC and had no game purpose.
- Misc. other smaller changes

O sv_restart now works with cheats on (so you can execute it via rcon by setting cheats first)

O Equipment is now easier to drop on players, buildings can no longer be dropped on players.

O Fixed bug where multiple res towers were allowed to be dropped on the same node (appeared in early versions of 4a)

O Rewrote EntityInfo and NumEnts printout formats to make them more useful to mappers.
- EntityInfo was reporting the first N entity slots of information instead of the first N valid entities.
- Marked several types of entities (player slots, bodyque, weapons) as "dynamic". For now at least, they don't count towards the mapping limit.

NS v3.0 beta 4 changelog
Friday, April 26th, 2004

O Combat changes:
- Removed wave spawn to shorten game length (only one person spawning at a time).
- Increased unlock hive ability 3 cost from 1 to 2
- Aliens now gain experience slowly over time

O Bast is back!! Completely-remade ns_bast, with much better server performance/pings (thanks Mendasp and the entire crew!)

O ns_metal update from Quazilin (update 10)
* New "Supply way"
* Smaller "Storage D"
* New res
* More infestation/Tweaks
* Added steam bursts with sfx

O Lerk gestation time lowered from 28 to 20 seconds

O Fixed bug where player angles weren't set properly on spawn (bug # 559, thanks XP-Cagey!)

O Phase 1 of the Big Unannounced System. Details coming soon.

O Fixed bug where joysticks weren't able to rotate the player view (thanks XP-Cagey!)

O Fixed voice comm labels so they can be read more easily (always black text).

O Changed commander voice comm label to white to differentiate him (soldiers are blue).

O Reduced number of entities in ns_tanith from 394 to 264 for improved server performance (thanks tommyd!)

O No longer play client-side sparks or bullet impact particles on client when shotgun pellets hit a player or water (graphical bug only)

O Fixed bug where lone marines tended to spawn at some spawns more then others (Combat)

O Fixed bug where pop-up menu costs weren't visible for alien players (NS mode, bug #471)

O Removed unneeded HL commands (third-person camera exploit, timerefresh, gl_monolights, gl_overbright, gl_clear, cl_nosmooth, cl_smoothtime). Bug #101.

O Fixed bug where marines could phase to a recycling phase gate (bug #554)

O Final version of ns_agora (thanks Kawak!)
- Added more covers in Tunnel and Cargo
- Added new vents
- New Sewer Hive and New "Main Generator" (so there is some changes in the layout for this side of the map)
- Added a ladder near "Freight Elevator Access" , but Marines need to weld a door to acces it.
- The vent leading to "The Wedge" from tunnel is now weldable.
- Fixed "Onos getting stuck" in "The Pit"
- Added/modified lots of little things here and there

O Removed energy cost for lerk flight (to encourage flight while using abilities)

O Lag no longer allows exploit where research is done on wrong building / current comm chair can no longer be recycled (bug# 199)

O New welder, machine gun, pistol, hmg, metabolize and shotty sounds from MadMaxx
- Tweak welder ROF for variety
- Hand grenade sounds

O Improved HLTV support. Blips still aren't drawing on the overview map, and some of the UI controls don't work very well, but it should be useable. More to come.

O Updated ns_eclipse (thanks KungFuSquirrel!)
- New vent added between South Loop/Maintenance Vent and Keyhole
- New vent added between South Loop and Computer Core
- New weldable added on South Loop/Computer Core vent
- Old Triad pits/effects restored
- Old skylights near marine spawn restored
- Restored ns_eclipse.wad
- Various texture usage optimizations
- Adjusted Triad layout to allow better res defense (experimental)
- Restored doors in marine spawn
- restructured active side of Marine Spawn
- Moved Marine spawns closer to CC
- CC moved out of alcove
- Atmospheric adjustments to hives

O Updated ns_veil (thanks KungFuSquirrel!)
- Expanded Marine Spawn
- Lowered "Pink Monster" in Marine Spawn
- Fixed embarrassing "Eclipse Logo Backwards in my Own Map" problem... Doh.
- Removed North Loop
- Texture usage optimizations
- Repaired remaining Onos stick points (I hope!)
- Removed all chairs in front of computer panels
- New vents (find/learn them yourselves ;) )
- Some added infestation in hive areas
- Layout/architecture tweaks near Pipeline
- Weldables added to Nanogrid Status

O Updated ns_nothing (thanks KungFuSquirrel!)
- Elevators changed to func_doors

O Upgrading a turret factory no longer restores all its hit points (bug #539)

O Items no longer sink through the world when placed against slopes, items can now be placed at up to 45 degrees, on stairs, etc. (bug #291, bug #527)

NS v3.0 beta 3 changelog
Tuesday, February 10th, 2004

O Combat respawning change: only 1/4 of the team can respawn at a time (waves last 5-11 seconds, depending on team size). This reduces Combat game length significantly, and gives much more importants to player death.

O All new ns_hera (massive server CPU optimizations and balance changes) (thanks Merkaba!)
O Data Core Alpha replaced with old Hera material which allows easier attack on the archive hive (no lifts)
O Marines can now go from the marine start to the warehouse without having to weld open anything.
O Warehouse is now connected to the holoroom via a small corridor.
O No more vents lead into marine start.
O Two more resource nodes added to the map. One in the fog corridor, and one in Systems Handling (where data core alpha used to be). The old node in that area has been moved into the Archiving hive.
O Archiving a little wider now, so the upper level isn't so cramped.
O Total entity count is now < 240
O Walkway no longer in an ineffecient U shape.
O Fog Corridor shortened.
O Various little fixes and touchups.
O Readyroom changes (shorter MS start, no egg)

O Added "Xfire" support to the installer (optional). This is an instant messenger for gamers, and will auto-update full NS support later this week. Visit for more information.

O Updated hand grenade sounds (new explosion, bounce, prime, etc.)

O Fixed bug where grenade launcher grenades death messages used hand grenade sprite

O Sped up resupply time at armory slightly

O Reduced mine health to 20 (so gorges can easily take them out with spit and marines can detonate them in combat with FF)

O Purchasing mines now gets you 4 mines instead of 5

O Hand grenades now do less damage then grenade launcher grenades (100 instead of 125)

O Increased rate at which hives heal friendly players (from 6% per second to 15% per second)

O Fixed bug where heal spray wasn't working for many hives

O Removed preservation of experience when leaving the team because of abuse

O Updated co_kestrel (thanks DevilDog!)
O Extended existing vent near subhangar to also allow access to MS
O Added "Hangar 7 Control" room which sits above and looks into the MS. This provides another way into the MS for a total of 2 normal, 1 accessible by all but Ohnos, and 1 vent
O Hive slightly moved and a vent added from the ladder that goes up to the escape pod that "looks" at the hive. This serves as a perch to allow gorges to heal the hive (they can't reach it from the ground).
O Couple of texture fixes

O Updated ns_ayumi (thanks DrunkenMonkey!)
O The elevator outside marine start is replaced with a ramp.
O A new weldable just outside the "AE35" hive that open up a door to "Gorges Hideout".
O A new ladder in "Star Child".
O The rails are gone in "Eastern Entrance" to make the room more open, and also is the hallways that leads to that room remade.
O The "Hamasaki" hive have gotten a new exit.
O The hive in "Pressure Control" have been raised a little bit, so it can no longer be blocked by structures.
O A new vent in "Pressure Control".
O New sky.
O New ambient sounds in all of the three hives.
O Lots of tweaks all over the map, to make it easier and more fun to play.

O Updated co_ulysses (thanks Blueman!)
O Fixed clip error at the hive
O Added co_ulysses back into the mapcycle

O Fixed clipping problems on ns_nothing (thanks KungFuSquirrel!)

O Updated co_rebirth (thanks IAN!)
O A big change with this version, because I built a new level just under the marine start, trying to encourage marines to get out.
O Increased the size of corridors just next the rebirth room, built a little vent inside the MS for skulks and lerks (I enjoy the idea they could be hidden in the ms itself) and I built a place for gorges in the Hive room to heal the hive and perhaps will it help marines too.
O Doors in general stay open longer

O Updated co_angst (thanks ChromeAngel!)
O Revamped marine start
O Other unlisted changes that were apparently favorably received by playtesters

O Fixed incompatibility with server mod menus (bug #482).

O Fixed cannot type text into the chat box while CTRL is pressed (bug #491)

O New co_daimos, to help fix problem where Oni have trouble spawning sometimes (thanks Hypergrip!)

NS v3.0 beta 2 changelog
Friday, January 30th, 2004

O Changed Combat respawn system. Players now respawn in bigger waves, and time to wait depends only on team size (so smaller games spawn faster). Spawn times vary from around 6 seconds (1v1) to 20 seconds (16v16).

O The return of the Gorge to Combat! This should address the problem where marines can heal their CC easily while the aliens cannot.

O Fixed bug in UTIL_SharedRandomFloat that fixes bug where bullet holes were firing with perfect accuracy for everyone but the shooter (bug #233)

O Changed catalyst packs so they no longer do damage to recipient

O Fixed bug where holding walk key while cloaked sometimes allowed you to move too fast and uncloak you

O Halved acid rocket damage and energy cost (to make rockets more fun to use)

O Fixed bug where lerk sometimes showed spike model

O Fixed bug where aliens sometimes spawned with the wrong weapon selected (bug #249)

O Increased Fade stats from 250/100 to 300/150 (+33% damage capacity)

O Increased Onos stats from 700/500 to 700/600

O Increased cost of heavy armor to 2 levels (Combat)

O Increased redemption chance from 30% per second per level to 35% per second per level

O Experience is again awarded for repairing the CC or healing the hive (currently 1/3 the amount). Removed faster hive healing in Combat to compensate.

O Changed welder to have a random ROF (gameplay effects should be unchanged)

O New welder sound

O Electricity damage reduced from 25 to 20 (to compensate for increased range)

O Scan upgrade can no longer be purchased multiple times in Combat (bug #478)

O Fixed bug where options on the pop-up menu looked like they were available before they actually were (also bug #478) (should also fix bug where prices weren't shown in NS mode)

O Fixed issues with alien pop-up menu in NS mode (bug #471)

O Fixed bug where aliens with level 3 movement upgrades were taking 1/2 damage from turrets (Thanks Fortuna Wolf!)

O Added missing credits list to ns_agora

O Fixed bug where Metabolize interfered with regeneration (bug #356)

O Fixed bug where Metabolize cost more energy to use then energy it gave back

O Changed hive healing so it now scales healing by the target's hitpoints (the hive now heals 6% of a player's hitpoints per second)

O Changed "kills" to be actual number of players killed, not adjusted for type/level of lifeform (thanks Lux!)

O Removed mp_spawninvul variable (it defaulted to 0 before so this won't change most servers)

O Installer fixes (WON/multiple Steam ids)

O Temporarily removed playback of intro movies until we figure out how to encode them properly

O Updated ns_metal (thanks quazilin!)
O Tweaks
O Fixed crash bug when cheats were enabled

O Updated ns_nancy (thanks Lazer!)
O Added ladder to vent outside of Marine Start. (the "death vent")
O Port Hive lowered a little, south wall moved back in to be a little more like the 1.x version.
O Made Subspace vent even more gorge friendly.
O Better clipping on ceilings of hallways so getting into the ceiling vents becomes a lot more possible without leap.
O Lowered r_speeds, and other assorted tweaks.
O Added a few things to the readyroom... :]

O Updated co_pulse (thanks tommyd!)
O Improved marine spawn point locations
O Added more room to the marine start

O Updated ns_tanith (thanks tommyd!)
O Removed welds near waste hive to prevent marine camping
O Fixed in-the-void siege/building exploit near fusion hive
O Fixed vent-siege-building in new vent by waste hive

NS v3.0 changelog

** NS Combat **
Natural Selection : Combat is a new fast and furious gameplay mode focusing on intense action. Combat games generally last less then ten minutes, and require very little knowledge to play.
- New maps - Six new Combat maps, made just for Combat. Enjoy a combat-simulation on 'daimos', battle over rock and water on 'core', or enjoy non-stop action on 'faceoff'.
- New upgrades - New Combat-specific upgrades like 'resupply' and personal scanner sweep give you help when you need it.
- Gain experience - Get experience for killing the enemy, or for attacking their base. As you gain experience, you gain levels. Each new level lets you choose a new upgrade, weapon, or piece of equipment. Even after death, you retain these power-ups.

** New NS gameplay **
- New look - Over 150 new textures and new NS maps give the game a whole new look. Fight in the claustrophic halls of ns_ayumi, catching a glips of snow falling outside a catwalk, or take control of the awe-inspiring and incredible ns_agora.
- Catalyst-packs - New 'catalyst-packs' allow Commander to speed rate of fire and movement of marines for a short duration.
- New lerk - New flight model for the 'Lerk', allowing smooth and precise flapping and gliding (he also has his bite back!).
- New spectator interface - All-new spectator mode is easier to use and ideal for match commentators.
- New manual - The manual has been totally re-written to include a 'quick start' guide, and detailed information on every weapon, ability and structure.
- Other features - New chat and font system, the ability for mappers to pre-place structures in maps, 'votemap' command, new scoreboard, new alien 'focus' upgrade, and much more.

** Steam and VAC Support **
- Full Steam support : Official Steam support, including a new NS desktop,
friends list, and automatic updating. NS will be listed under the 'My Games'
section (not as a 3rd-party mod).
- VALVe Anti-Cheat (VAC) : VAC means that NS and Half-life are updated
automatically when new cheats are found. Any cheaters detected by the system are immediately temporarily or permanently banned across all NS servers.

NS v2.01 changelog
Friday, September 19th, 2003

O Lowered marine damage/armor upgrade costs from 30/40/50 to 20/30/40
O Increased grenade damage from 110 to 125
O Fixed problem where specs can be heard talking before game start in tourny mode
O Fixed problem where dead players could sometimes be heard
O Voice comm can no longer be heard for anyone during countdown (to allow safe demo recording)
O Fixed "Contacting" timeout problems when is down
O Hide opposing team score in tournament mode so you can't see how many resources towers they have
O New collision code to lessens chances of players getting stuck in structures
O Fixed problem where hera holoroom double node couldn't be built properly
O Fixed bug where being webbed and then devoured pulls out your weapon while inside the Onos
O Each level of celerity now increases speed by 25, down from 35 (back to the 1.04 level)
O Electricity research time reduced from 60 to 30
O Electricity range increased from 90 to 120 (to prevent exploiting)
O Offense chamber health reduced from 1150 to 1000
O If an Onos redeems while digesting a player, the player is left behind
O Parasites and gorge spit can operate switches and buttons that take damage again
O Marine resource tower cost lowered from 20 to 15
O Healing spray is 16 (same as 2.0)
O Removed frame-rate dependence from leap and charge damage (Leap is 40 damage per second, Charge is 160 damage per second.)
O Increased hive cost from 35 to 40
O Reduced command station cost from 25 to 20
O Reduced command station build time from 20 to 15
O Umbra blocks 2 out of 3 bullets (down from 3 out of 4 in 2.0)
O Improved "lastinv" command so that your last weapno is preserved between gestations
O Shotgun clip and reserve reduced from 10/50 to 8/40
O Removed cloaking and uncloaking sounds via cloaking upgrade
O The cloaking upgrade now fades smoothly instead of becoming instantly invisible. The higher level of your cloaking upgrade, the faster you'll cloak.
O Aliens should be able to walk slowly cloaked via the cloaking upgrade.
O Each level of cloaking decreases time needed to cloak more.
O Sentries and offense chambers now do "light" damage. Light damage does half damage to heavy armor and Oni.
O Only allow resource towers and turret factories to be electrified (fix for exploit timing/selection exploit)
O Resupplying at armory can only go into reserve (addresses end-game grenade spam at marine start). It also now rounds up (so odd-sized clips like the HMG load intuitively)
O Made offense chambers less accurate against fast-moving targets (jetpackers)
O Fixed "super-hive" bug which allowed an invincible hive to be built
O Fixed alien resource exploit involving late-joining
O Fixed spawning exploit involving late-joining
O If you get disconnected while playing aliens, and you rejoin, your resources will be preserved
O Players can only become spectators from the ready room (fixes devour exploit)
O Building hives can now be healed
O Unbuilt marine structures can now be repaired with the welder
O Lowered armory cost from 20 to 15
O Electricity can now attack two targets at a time instead of one
O Lowered gorge armor from 75 to 50 (shouldn't affect gorge lifespan, as they usually have extra armor when they die)
O HMG cost reduced from 20 to 15 (marines should be able to attack at tier 2 without it being a make-or-break effort)
O Fixed bug where turrets could fire before they were built by recycling and building turret factories
O When you use a phase gate, it checks to see if there are any structures blocking the phase gate. If there are, it blocks the phase. It then checks to see if there are any players blocking the phase gate. If there are teammates that have phased within the last 2 seconds, it blocks the phase. If the phase succeeds, it kills any players that are on the phase gate. So teammates have a 2 second window to get off the phase gate; enemies are telefragged instantly. Structures however can still block a phase gate, though this will likely change in a future version.
O Removed frame-rate dependence when building structures (and fixed flashlight exploit when building structures)
O Fixed bilebomb exploit that could sometimes allow it to damage through walls
O Handicap can now be set in non-tourny mode. Message displays like active resource nodes message, every 20 seconds.
O Reduced siege cannon build time from 15 to 10
O Reduced siege upgrade time from 22 to 15
O Reduced heavy armor cost from 20 to 15

Thanks to the playtesters, veterans, server ops and NS community for giving feedback on these changes!

NS v2.0 changelog
July 31st, 2003

I did not find the official 2.0 changelog, it might be lost forever. Email me if you have it.

NS v1.04 changelog

NS v1.04 changelog
- Fixed exploit that allowed aliens to look like marines and fire marine weaponry
- Changed max machine gun ammo to 250 (used to be 300, though it would only display 250)
- Fixed various commander mode exploits
- 3rd party entities are never propagated to client (ie, adminmod_ entities). This could fix an occasional crash (thanks Alfred)
- Moved auto-concession on unfair teams into server variable (mp_autoconcede: if set to greater then 0, then if teams are ever different by this many players, that smaller team loses immediately)
- Dead players can now talk to their teammates in both casual and tourny mode (needed to prevent team from getting an advantage by using external voice program in CAL)
- Fixed problem where ammo could be picked up while holding mines
- Aliens without any hives no longer take damage when the server is in tournament mode
- Added more triggers (for Psychostats and 3rd party program support)
- Fixed visual problem where advanced armory had weird build circle
- Reduced radius of acid rocket splash from 200 to 165
- Alien respawn time reduced from 10 seconds to 8 seconds
- Reduced shotgun cost from 20 to 16
- Reduced welder damage from 10 to 7
- Armory can now give out ammo while upgrading to advanced armory
- Increased cost of infantry portal from 15 to 22
- Increased cost of phase gate from 20 to 25
- Decreased health of phase gate from 3500 to 2000
- Increased scan cost from 1 to 3
- Increased grenade launcher damage back to 200 (back to v1.0 value)
- Umbra now blocks 5 out of 6 bullets instead of 6 out of 7
- Arms lab reduced from 50 to 45 points
- Reduced siege cannon range from 1250 to 1100
- Siege cannon targets now must be sighted to be hit (in view of friendly player or scanned by commander)
- The green circle that appears when the siege cannon is selected by the commander is using the old range, but this will be fixed in v1.1.
- This is the value siege range was for most of our internal playtesting (hence the bast and hera issues that suddenly arrived with v1.0)
- Initial hive now spawns with full health instead of having to heal up to full health on spawn
- Fixed bug where advanced turret factories don't have full health
- The advanced armory now has 2400 health instead of 1500 (same as regular armory, this is a fixed bug, not a balance change)
- Fixed bug where tournament mode caused some damage to be reduced more then it should be (acid rocket vs. any alien structures)
- Fixed bug where hive would sometimes play wound sound/animation when it got hit but didn't take damage
- Removed lingering "organic" damage type for acid rocket and spore cloud (fixes bug where acid rocket wasn't doing damage properly to organic structures)
- Aliens lose all their points when they leave the team, and the team doesn't get them either (this will be revisited in v1.1)
- Fixed non-visible motion sensor and proximity "blips" (linux only)
- Defense chambers no longer heal themselves
- Removed gibbing of corpses (off by default, but some servers had enabled it). This means death animations always play, so no more disappearing models when using high-powered weapons.
- Alien health circles seen by gorge now take armor into account (so gorge knows when player is fully healed)
- Morphing resets your health again (preserves percentage of armor when evolving carapace too)
- Fixed logging bug where model name was reported instead of team name for say and and say_team
- When hive is constructed, have it check to see if technology should be supported automatically (exploit for getting extra upgrades after a hive is killed and rebuilt)
- Observers can hear other observers and players on the screen, and can chat with each other
- Fixed various problems with holding mines while building or using command station
- Changed cloaking so it deactivates when a player moves faster then a certain speed, fixing an exploit. Moving very slowly should still allow an alien to remain cloaked.
- Added "highdamage" cheat for testing (sv_cheats must be 1, all damage is x100 vs. buildings, x10 vs. players)
- Added "slowresearch" cheat for testing (sv_cheats must be 1, research takes full time instead of normal 2 seconds when cheats are on)
- Phase gates now must be +used instead of just touched (less frustrating when trying to attack them or fight nearby)
- Don't play "select your troops, and give them orders" commander hint if you have no other players on your team
- Grenades and mines are now enhanced by arms lab damage upgrades
- Fixed exploit where multiple upgrades from the same category could be purchased by jamming hotkeys (thanks localhost)
- Fixed bug where trying to exploit alien abilities could crash the server
- Fixed bug server name wasn't displayed on scoreboard
- Reduced "intermission" time after game ends before mp_timelimit is checked. Disabled mp_timelimit map-switching for tournament mode.
- Phase gates now only play their effects (particles, sound, light) when there another active phase gate (so a player can look at a phase gate and know if he can go through it)
- Fixed end-game server crash for large games
- Fixed rounding errors for level 3 arms lab upgrades for marine weaponry (thanks Kitsune and Comprox)
- Fixed bug where babbler and xenocide damage wasn't being applied properly (babbler damage was halved, xenocide wasn't doing blast damage)
- Fixed bug where laser-style mines sometimes wouldn't go off when touching the base
- Turret factory cost reduced from 25 to 20
- Siege turret cost reduced from 25 to 20
- Lerk spike damage increased from 16 to 18 (big lerk changes coming in v1.1, this is a hold-over)
- Fixed problem where mines sometimes blow up on their own for no apparent reason after they are placed
- Added "detectall" cheat for testing motion-tracking and marine blips
- All entities can hurt themselves (allows 1-hive alien team to battle siege, figure it out...)
- Allow siege cannons to see targets themselves (no spotter needed if target is in sight of the cannon)
- Tweaked armories to refill your primary ammo supply before your clip
- Changes for PsychoStats support (thanks Stormtrooper, get well soon). Visit to download Psychostats v1.9.1 which now supports NS
- Fade cost increased from 44 to 54
- Movement chambers now teleport to aliens to a hive that's under attack, or the farthest active hive if none are under attack.
- Carapace now slowly gives out extra armor points with upgrade level, instead of giving it out all at once. For example, a skulk with 0/1/2/3 carapaces has armor of 10/16/22/30. All other properties of carapace remain the same.
- Regeneration upgrade now heals approximately twice as fast
- Redemption increased in effectiveness slightly
- Hive now heals nearby players faster in effort to allow aliens better chance to hold off early marine rush (20 points per second instead of 8)
- Added ability for Guides to send hint tooltips to individual players. More information on the Guide program is coming.
- Cloaking changed so higher levels make it faster to cloak instead of harder to see. All levels now make the alien equally invisible (not quite invisible, but very close)
- Fixed various bugs and exploits which enabled players to use weapons while commanding
- Fixed bug where players trying to execute alien abilities manually crashed the server
- Fixed bug where hive death animation kept looping after hive was dead
Linux improvements
- Ported code to updated version of GCC
- Compiled NS with optimizations, which should bring the linux server up to speed with the win32 server (CPU optimizations)
- Fixed all motion-tracking and visibility problems
- Important: there are problems when NS v1.04 Redhat and Adminmod are used together. If the server crashes when players join, temporarily disable Adminmod or revert back to v1.03. This is a standard-library problem and the NS team is currently working on a solution.

Natural Selection Server Patch 1.03 changelog

- Fixed Adminmod compatibility problems. It should work great now under all configurations.
- Aliens now lose health when they no longer have any active or growing hives (damages every 2 seconds, all players hear countdown, ignores armor). This is done to speed up the end game and prevent llamas from hiding in vents to prolong game.
- Fixed readyroom bug/exploit while spectating (hitting F4 while REIN made you an invulnerable "ghost" player that could confuse others).
- Changed team join to not allow teams to have more then 1 player difference. Affects casual model only.
- Fixed armor bug where carapace protected aliens even after all armor was gone
- Fixed explosion bug where siege cannons, bilebombs, grenades and xenocide weren't doing damage properly (this broke in v1.02).
- Added support for model and sound consistency checking. If you run your server with mp_consistency 1, it will require that all NS models and sounds are unchanged from the distribution. This allows servers to disable custom models or sounds, and exploits that can result from them. This is currently disabled by default. If you have problems connecting to a server with an error like "server is enforcing file consistency on file X", then delete your custom models or try connecting to a different server.
- Fixed infinite cloaking bug (occured when last sensory chamber lost while player was cloaked).
- Addressed alien leave/join resource exploit (joining a team you've already been on makes the player wait to respawn, as if he had been killed).
- Addressed early team-switch exploit to find hive (you can no longer switch teams after playing or observing, so choose carefully).
- Fixed various problems when building turrets, mines, offensive chambers, etc. then team-switching.
- Moved mp_drawinvisibleentities to debug builds only.
- Added mp_version variable for better filtering with All-Seeing Eye and other third-party programs and scripts.
- Fixed Onos charging crash bug
- Reduced knife range from 50 to 35 (not balance, this was a bug).
- Changed siege cost from 15 to 25 (this was a typo, not meant to be a balance change).
- Fixed melee weapon problems in vents.
- Fixed lastinv command. Players can now bind a key to this (even though their menu will still say it's not implemented).
- Fixed bug where players did friendly fire damage to some world objects (ie, doing 33% instead of 100% to doors and switches).
- Fixed turret factory abuse, where turrets became active after recycling the nearby turret factory before turret was fully contructed.
- Fixed bug where siege turrets became re-activated after building a regular turret factory nearby.
- Default mp_timelimit is now 60 (even for listen server).
- Fixed bug where a vote could affect a commander that logged in after a vote had been started.
- Fixed bug where gorges evolving upgrades (usually temporarily) lost resources above the hive maximum. It will still count down to 33, but will immediately count back up to your resource count (this is just a visual problem on the client).
- Make sure current health and armor percentages are preserved when evolving.
- If a team has 5 or more players than another team, the team automatically wins. This lessens long periods of lop-sided teams but still gives victory when a losing team starts leaving.

Natural Selection Server Patch 1.02 changelog

- Improved server performance by around 50%. You'll see lower pings, and servers with more players..
- Rename avhplayer to player (potentially better compatibility with Adminmod and other 3rd party programs).
- Change default vote percent from 30% to 40% and minvotes from 2 to 3.
- Fixed bug where parasite could hurt own team.
- Fixed bug which allowed players to damage their own structures with gunfire.
- Updated code to be more compatible with Adminmod under win32 (dynamic cast issues). It may still not work under some configurations and work continues on it.
- Enhanced hive sight changed so it's useful at upgrade levels 1 and 2.
- Updated NS to use the HL standard logging specification for server ops and for PsychoStats compatibility ( More work may be needed for better Psychostats compatibility.
- Removed draw numeric damage events.
- Sighted buildings no longer show in hive sight (still show up with parasite, but prevents flood when alien views heavily populated area).
- Fixed exploit where +using a building could speed up research of a technology.
- Preserve health and armor percentages when evolving.
- Don't allow gorge to heal buildings before they are built.
- Reduced chance of server overflow (crash) when large games (24+ players) end.
- Fixed marine armor upgrades (previously, researching armor upgrades wouldn't give you that armor unless you were welded first).
- Added mp_logdetail (0-3).
- Changed the alien ability anti-exploit code to try to co-exist with scripters.
- Turned off team-balance when in tourny mode.
- Renamed ns_authicons to mp_authicons, renamed ns_eastereggchance to mp_eastereggchance for consistency.
- Defensive chambers now only heal up to three nearby buildings or players per tick (prevents undestructible Walls of Lame). Targets are chosen randomly.
- Cleanup babblers on game reset.
- Built with compiler optimizations (linux).
- Spectators now hear spectators, their observer target and teammates of their observer target.
- Networking changes that could result in CPU performance improvements (instead of tracking, storing and queuing network messages, they are sent immediately).
- All players can all hear all other players talking before countdown starts.
- Tournament mode start changes to make it easier to coordinate and start a game. It will only start when players are on both teams, when the teams are equal, and when both teams have said they are ready. A team is ready when one member of their team cheats "ready" (case important). All players can hear all other players before the countdown starts, so spectators and players and coordinate. Once the countdown starts, the map resets, and enemies can't talk to each other, like usual.
- Spectators get end-game victory sound and message.
Please make sure to put "1.02" somewhere in your server name so players know if you've updated. The patch is 1.8 megabytes and contains both the linux and win32 versions.

Natural Selection Server Patch 1.01 changelog

- Improved server performance by 20-30% (should result in slightly less lag, more changes still to come in this area)
- Moved all gameplay constants into server code, so economy and balance will be identical on all servers
- Added auto team-balance: you are not allowed to join a team if joining it would give that team more then 2 players more then the other team.
- Dropped health and ammo packs now expire after 30 seconds
- Sentry cost increased from 16 to 19
- Sentries and siege turrets now need a functioning factory to stay operational. They will power down and become inactive there are no factories nearby. If a new factory is built nearby, they will power back up.
- Offensive chamber health increased from 1100 to 1200
- Lessened siege damage from 350 to 330
- Acid rocket rate of fire increased from .66 to 1.0 (shots per second)
- Increased fade armor from to 90/125 to 125/150
- Increased acid rocket damage from 50 to 60
- Increased base speed of fade from 210 to 240
- Changed regeneration upgrade from fixed number to percentage of alien max health. Alien also emits regen sound when healing.
- Grenade damage reduced from 200 to 180 (still does blast damage), clip size reduced to 4, rate of fire decreased slightly
- Increased research time for heavy armor from 80 to 100
- Increased HMG cost from 23 to 25
- Increased grenade launcher cost from 27 to 33
- Increased cost of heavy armor from 20 to 25
- Lower cost for offensive chambers from 16 to 14, and build time from 40 to 30
- Friendly fire now does 33% damage instead of full damage (tournament mode only)
- Lessened HMG damage from 20 to 18
- Numeric indicator at resource towers now shows how many actual resources were contributed to your team (minimum 1)

Natural Selection 1.0
October 31st, 2002 (Servers October 30st, 2002)

Initial release

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