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First Person Shooter > PC : HL2 MOD > MINERVA: Metastasis > Transcript

Posted: April 19th, 2006
Last Updated: June 24th, 2007

This page contains all the text transmitted as dialog in the game. Some may find this information to be useful, especially to perhaps understand or study the cryptic messages you receive throughout the map. Comments I have included appear in bold italics.


The true method of knowledge is experiment. So, strapped to
the underside of a stolen Combine helicopter, you're part of
my latest scientific investigation.

Objective: To infiltrate and observe this peculiar little island
a few miles off shore, its heart burrowed out by our ever-loving


***INCOMING MESSAGE*** 2009-10-15.16:37:01

Get up on the beach, turn right and RUN!

That imbecile of a subverted Combine pilot dropped you
precisely where he thought he'd be safe - so much for
our stealthy entrance.

Circle round the island, and you may find a safer route.



This message appears if you go too far into the water.

***INCOMING MESSAGE*** 2009-10-15.16:37:35

Do you WANT your flesh stripped from your bones, fool? I
strongly suggest you stay out of the water, unless you
have an overwhelming desire to be consumed by countless
razor-toothed alien leeches...



More greek references.

***INCOMING MESSAGE*** 2009-10-15.16:42:18

You've survived this far, so I might as well introduce myself.

I am your Athena, you are my bastard Perseus, and our Medusa for
today is this island; our aim is to infiltrate, reveal, destroy.

Got that?



***INCOMING MESSAGE*** 2009-10-15.16:47:23

Well, I guess it was worth a try. How was I supposed to know
there'd be a heavily armed outpost the other side of the

Oh wait, it was on the satellite photos.

Never mind. Have fun!



***INCOMING MESSAGE*** 2009-10-15.17:08:12

Violence is certainly one of your stronger points, that was nasty.
I'll try to help more next time.

Your security pass is both revoked and insufficient for the
force fields blocking your access, so try to find a security
station of some kind.

Besides, that dead headcrab looks a bit ... unusual. I'm not sure
what else you can expect down there, so take care.



***INCOMING MESSAGE*** 2009-10-15.17:12:45

These problematic force fields are still most definitely up, but
it looks like you've opened the surface doors for the orbital power
downlink shaft instead.

I suppose that still solves our problem, assuming there's some
kind of maintenance access inside. Get back up there and have a look,
just try not to get yourself killed while you're at it...



***INCOMING MESSAGE*** 2009-10-15.17:20:21

Quite how the Combine figured out how to corral a stream of
superheated plasma from geosynchronous orbit down to ground level
remains a mystery to me, as is their need for such a supply of
power to this pathetic little island.

But enough sight-seeing. Get underground, and we'll find out what
they're doing down there.



***INCOMING MESSAGE*** 2009-10-15.17:22:35

The few Combine records I've been authorised to see described
this place as an old World War Two outpost. Big enough to
hold perhaps a hundred men, but I can't see why our dear
guests would want it for that.

Their Citadels provide them with accommodation far more
suited to their purpose, as I'm sure you're well aware.



***INCOMING MESSAGE*** 2009-10-15.17:26:15

I see they've replaced the old electricity generators with
something altogether more ... powerful. This is just an auxiliary
power node; perhaps that door over there leads to the real
activity behind this place.

Of course, it looks as if it's blocked. Unlock it, will you?



The latin phrase contained in here is translated to: it is sweet and fitting to die for ones country.

***INCOMING MESSAGE*** 2009-10-15.17:30:47

It would appear our island had some prior occupants all too
recently. While your dear human rebel friends certainly have a
cause, their means of fighting for it leaves much to be desired.

Dulce et decorum est pro terra mori?

Yeah, right. But you renounced all that regardless, didn't you?



Hmmm now some german words are being used.

***INCOMING MESSAGE*** 2009-10-15.17:34:30

What is this, Breen's own personal Mittelwerk? Those steel
cells contain stalkers; worked to death, and now finally
reaching for freedom, liquefying out of their cages into
stinking pools of filth.

You'd be the same if it wasn't for me.



***INCOMING MESSAGE*** 2009-10-15.17:36:43

I forgot to mention the flock of Overwatch dropships converging
on this location. I suspect their merrily pissed-off cargo will
be arriving any second now.

Get down to that main security door. Even if it's the final act
of your pitiful, traitorous life, I would dearly love to see
what your Combine friends have been working on inside.

So fight, my little bastard warrior, fight on!


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