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Posted: December 14th, 2005
Last Updated : January 28th, 2006

These are all the secrets and tricks I found when playing DayHard, there is probably more, if you know any, please just email me them.

1) In Part 1, when you first hear the combine coming, quickly go the door, and wait for the combine to bust it open, quickly throw the gas tanks (there's two of them) at them. If you are lucky, they will hit the gas tanks (if they are blocked by them), and they will explode into flames. *This is no longer possible in patch 3b*

2) In Part 1, you will find a stairway that leads up the the roof, after killing a couple man hacks, and a combine, you can go behind the middle section of the roof, and find a ladder. On top of the middle section you will find a rocket launcher with five rockets. Tip: It's best to use this in the first level, in Part 2, you get tons of rockets anyway.

3) In Part 1, you can skip many sections, and get free kills on my enemies if you jump down to certain window sills before you are supposed to. Since a lot of the apartment is trigger based, the enemies will not be spawn, however they are still there, invisible. If you bump into something invisible, just hit them to get a free kill, and more importantly, their weapons/ammo.

4) In Part 2, you will find the father's church, inside you will see the altar piece (painting behind altar), you can shoot, or hit this. Behind is a bunch of goodies including a shotgun. Tip: Watch out for the guy on the wooden beams in the roof.

5) In Part 2, where you are about to lose all your weapons from the machines that take them away by the gun shop, you can alternatively walk behind the store and press the button, without losing any weapons.

6) In Part 2, you can totally skip Part 3 just by not going in the hotel, there actually is no real reason to go in there, besides getting the stuffed bear. Along the same lines, the race is also like this, there is no real reason to compete in the race, or even win it.

7) In Part 2, where you lose your weapons from the machines. If you throw any near by watermelons inside the filed, they begin glowing blueImage Link, and have low gravity.

8) In Part 5 when you finally escape from the town, and get to the top of the slope. You can hit the guy off the railing. From that same railing, you can sneak around to the side of the building, like in this pictureImage Link. From here you can descend down the other side of the slope (where the people and combine are). They will all appear invisible, as activating the pulley car triggers them. You will still be able to bump into them, and even get some weapons from the combine if you kill them. Unfortunately you can not get back up the slope (without cheating). Note: They will not appear invisible if you first step in the pulley cart quickly.

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