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Posted: December 14th, 2005
Last Updated: December 14th, 2005

Part 5 was probably the most hardest part of DayHard for me, and most people find it equally as hard, so I decided to make a visual aid for those people.

DayHard guide

1. Make sure you sneak in through the side. Watch and wait until the combine (which shows up in between the first two houses) is not visible, and slowly creep around in between the two houses, making sure you are far behind the combine, if he is still walking to his next spot. The combine should disappear behind the second house, when he does, move fairly fast towards the tree, but turn right as soon as possible, and crouch near the crates, which are visible on the guide.You will now have to crouch along this fence, and then take another right (which would be left in-game), and creep tightly along the house to spot 2.

2. This is a tricky part. You will have to creep out ever so slightly, as there is a combine on top of the 2 building. Creep out enough just to see his head. When he looks away, quickly continue along the path. It should be fairly easy now to get to spot 3.

3. There should be some creates located near spot 3, here you will have to move them over to the wall, and stack them in a way that make steps for yourself. Jump on them, and then over the wall. Jack will follow you.

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