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Posted: August 25th, 2006
Last Updated: August 25th, 2006

As shown in the read-me file supplied with the mod:


Onboarderror – Myself, Anthony Stone. This was a solo project mapped on my huge amount of spare time.
I fully came up with the story, mapping, layouts, and everything I am forgetting.
But there was help along the way... The following people where of a big help to my mod.

Valve - SDK maps where clearly used in the making of my mini map I.E. the whole start. Plus the engine
and for Gabe for sending me a signed hat :D - Everyone in the mapping forum was a great help to me.

Alex(the awesome one) - site and tester

Raminator - mapping help with the 6th map, optimized it to hel

Alex Royce - Testing and helped with stuff

Mido - Help with problems

kabuki - more map help

Bryant "PC3200" Moore - Final Beta stage tester.

Pietak - Tester

^ben - Tester

coldcrow - Super Tester

VashTLD - Tester

dvs - Fixed my first map when it broke

jean paul - help with displacements and a ton more

abigserve - beta tester :D

Hyperion2010 - tester with very very usefull help

barneyinblue - mod screen help with my text

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