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Posted: November 10th, 2007
Last Updated: November 10th, 2007

As supplied with the mod download:

Title : A Frayed Stitch in Time
Filename :
Author : Belboz
Contact info :

Date of release :
Update :

Description : This takes place within a blink of an eye durring the slow
teleport from nova prospect to dr. kliner's lab. You can't remember if you succeeded
or failed, it doesn't really matter. If you failed, the universe ceased to exist and
this new one was recreated in its place, easy to explain if you have a million years
free and can understand mind boggling complecated mathematics concerning time and the
frabric of the universe. Or you succeeded in which case the stitch in time sealed
itself causing time to rewind to a point before you went on the strange trip the
blink of an eye took you on. You can't remember it cause it hasn't happened yet, and
as sealed it will always be in your future, not even a time machine could reach it.

In a blink of an eye...

...if you distroyed the machine as intended, then perhaps those who built it are going to be pissed...

...then again why did they abandon it...

...maybe they went on a trip, and never returned...

...if so, why did they leave it partialy on...

...if the combine hadn't found it then what...

...would it have been found by something worse... there anything worse than the combine...

...what actually is out there in the darkness of space... it hungry...

...what's that moving out there
* Play Information *

Game : HalfLife 2
Level Name : A Frayed Stitch in Time
File name : t1_cascade_background
File name : t1_cascade_map1
File name : t1_cascade_map2
File name : t1_cascade_map3
File name : t1_cascade_map4
File name : t1_cascade_map5a

Multi language support : No, English only

Known bugs : Bit laggy in some areas. Due to over use of phys_lengthconstraint.

Update :

Base :
Build Time : 7 months

unrarping information : Unrar into your SourceMods directory, then restart Steam.

* Copyright *

Blah blah, you have the right to play the level, but not to use it as a base for other
levels, blah, blah, nor may it be stuffed in a compilation on a CDRom or DVD, blah, blah,
you may stick it on your web site as long as all original documentation remains intact.
You can not make any cash out of this level, cos I will be sorely pissed if you do, and
a antlion will visit you on the darkest night, and eat you, blah,
blah. This level was not made and is not supported by Valve, so they won't have a clue
what you're talking about if you ask them for any information.

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