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Posted: March 11th, 2006
Last Updated: August 4th, 2006

Xfire is an instant messanger service on steroids built specifically for gamers. Xfire allows you to chat with friends just like any other messenger, but the difference is: you can chat with people while you are still in game, disabling the need to minimize. You can even have group audio conversations if you want while playing games. But the features don't stop there. One of the coolest features I found was the ability to take in-game screenshots that will automatically upload to Xfire and your profile so that others may see them. Xfire tracks over 600 gamesOffsite Link (although they aren't counting anymore it seems) and will track which games you've played, how long you've played them, and even where you are playing them (which server). Better yet, this information will display to all your friends on your list, your profile, and even in your signature, which you can add to any forum or website (mine is shown below). I just wish I got Xfire sooner.

As you could probably guess, Xfire is fairly popular in the gaming world, and lots of people have already started producing extensions, skins, and other plugins. The coolest website I found so far about Xfire is Xfire PlusOffsite Link, which has fairly good list of different extensions you can use with or without Xfire.

Visit the official siteOffsite Link or read the Wikipedia articleOffsite Link.

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