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Posted: December 18th, 2005
Last Updated: December 18th, 2005

An SPC Player is a program that will allow you to listen to .spc (Super NES Music/Audio Data) files, which is a format that is very compressable, and contains excellent quality (based directly from the rom). .spc files are easily dumped from ZSNES and SNES9x emulators.

There is a variety of SPC Players out there, you may have to just test each and see which you like best.You can find a complete listing of SPC Players at Zophar's Domain's SPC Players/Utilities PageOffsite Link. There is even a couple plugins/modules which allow you to listen to .spc files directly from Winamp. Zophar's Domain also has a very comprehensive collection of .spc dumps all archived at their SPC Archive PageOffsite Link.

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