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Posted: September 18th, 2009
Last Updated: September 18th, 2009

Here's a tale of one of those annoying Steam scam artists where they try to phish for your information via a login on some external Steam-looking site. Sadly enough, even though I joke around about it here, they do successfully steal many players accounts. Hopefully by keeping him busy like this I accomplished a little bit of payback. I am TaRgEt*TuRkEy and he is SaNdMaN:, likely an account that was stolen via this method.

SaNdMaN: The steam is proud to present free games for steam
(removed the url for safety)
TaRgEt*TuRkEy: oh cool
TaRgEt*TuRkEy: thanks so much

Inputs username: "failscam" password: "tryharder" into badly copied Steam-ish site.

TaRgEt*TuRkEy: it didn't work!
SaNdMaN: 2 min
SaNdMaN: and have u free games
TaRgEt*TuRkEy: okay, which games?
SaNdMaN: 30 free games i dont know
TaRgEt*TuRkEy: 30? wow, thanks so much!
TaRgEt*TuRkEy: 30 free games is better than 20 free games somebody tried to give me earlier!
SaNdMaN: is now Offline.
SaNdMaN: is now Online.
TaRgEt*TuRkEy: hey, what's going on, i put my username, turkey223 into the system, and still nothing!

Inputs username: "turkey223" password: "alien" on to site.

SaNdMaN: ok give me here
SaNdMaN: i think dont work now give me here dude
TaRgEt*TuRkEy: username, turkey223, password alien
SaNdMaN: no working dude
TaRgEt*TuRkEy: it's not working? i'm right here logged into that account!
TaRgEt*TuRkEy: did you add my email to the end?
TaRgEt*TuRkEy: i think my accounts needs the hotmail thingy
SaNdMaN: yes give me your hotmail
TaRgEt*TuRkEy: okay, do you need the password for the hotmail account as well?
TaRgEt*TuRkEy: another steam representative like yourself keeps asking for it
TaRgEt*TuRkEy: it's kind of silly
SaNdMaN: i need user your steam and pass
TaRgEt*TuRkEy: okay, do you work for steam? i got a message earlier that i won 20 free games, but i didn't get them
TaRgEt*TuRkEy: and that one was from a stream rep
TaRgEt*TuRkEy: it's i think that's my full username
TaRgEt*TuRkEy: do i get the games yet?
SaNdMaN: no work
SaNdMaN: user
TaRgEt*TuRkEy: ugh, hmm lemme check
TaRgEt*TuRkEy: try or

At this point I spam his input dialog on the site with random gibberish using an auto complete tool for Firefox.

TaRgEt*TuRkEy: can't remember which i signed up with
TaRgEt*TuRkEy: man, where's my games!
SaNdMaN: sec
SaNdMaN: dude this is no
SaNdMaN: i know you dont believe that
SaNdMaN: but this is ok i want only give you dont want
TaRgEt*TuRkEy: why would you say that?
SaNdMaN: so ok
TaRgEt*TuRkEy: i'm giving you my account and pass!
TaRgEt*TuRkEy: and this is how you treat me!
TaRgEt*TuRkEy: you promised me free games!
TaRgEt*TuRkEy: i'm beginning to think you don't work for steam...
TaRgEt*TuRkEy: are you trying trick me!
SaNdMaN: dude you can believe me
TaRgEt*TuRkEy: i do, please give me the games now, i gave you everything, do you need my paypal info too?
TaRgEt*TuRkEy: i tried evertything on the site you gave
TaRgEt*TuRkEy: still won't work
TaRgEt*TuRkEy: hey, wait, i think i got some games
TaRgEt*TuRkEy: i got 20 free games! OMG
SaNdMaN: fuck you
SaNdMaN: hehe
TaRgEt*TuRkEy: must have been from the other guy
TaRgEt*TuRkEy: thanks anyways
SaNdMaN: is now Offline.

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