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Posted: December 11th, 2005
Last Updated: August 15th, 2010

The now defunct Randmap was once a great program that would automatically generate random single player maps for Half-Life. The random generation was based on rooms and prefabs that users could download, modify, or even add themselves, which made it very easy to add more quality, and randomness (therefore making it look less "fakey") .But it wasn't limited to only Half-Life, lots of other Half-Life mods were also included in Randmap generation as well.

Complete list of supported games as seen on v5.00 alpha 2.2 (last version):

Half-Life Single Player
SvenCoop 1.9+
Half-Life Opposing Force (with or without marines)
Half-Life Deathmatch
Death Match Classic (DMC)

The last version (5.00a2.2) no longer compile the map properly, and no longer runs the game after completion (If you are using Steam), since the last version was released before Steam was released. But it will work if you install from the original Half-Life CD, and update it to the last version. For that reason, I won't even bother hosting a download, but also for a different reason if you look below.

Why I'm I writing about a program that is obsolete?

Well, I was originally working on releasing an unofficial version of the program that fixed the compiling, and while I succeeded in doing so, it was much too hacked together in the end. If somebody still wants it, please email me about it.

Missing STUFF!

After the last version was released a bunch of people, mainly a person named Chris Pisarczyk (Glaice)Offsite Link did some extensive modification to the program, and added hundreds of new prebabs, rooms, and themes. This .zip was around 29 megabytes (as apposed to about 1 meg of the original file). This package is supposedly also lost forever, but somebody out there may still have it, if you do, please email me about it.

I'd also like to thank Razed (project leader) and Justin Frei for there contributions.

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