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Posted: December 18th 2005
Last Updated: December 18th 2005

An IPS Patcher is a program that will patch or apply data onto a rom from a .ips (International Patching System) file. Hosting/downloading roms are illegal in almost all instances, but .ips files are completly legal because they contain no original data.

There is many IPS Patchers/Creators available on the internet. Zophar's Domain has an exellent Patcher pageOffsite Link hosted on their website with various IPS Patchers. Make sure you get a new one, as lots of older (more simpler) ones only contain a batch/dos executatable, which you will have to learn how to use. Most newer IPS Patchers contain a easy-to-use graphical interface.

For more information on the .ips format go hereOffsite Link.

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