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Posted: July 13th, 2006
Last Updated: July 13th, 2006

This section will be dedicated to all the negative comments and emails I get about my site. Your continued negative comments and mail only drive me to produce more content, update more, and maybe make more errors and bad judgement in web design. For this section, I have taken the liberty of correcting my spelling errors.

By -JeebusMcChrist | Sun 25th Jun, 2006 @ 6:15:38pm
Dear Target*Turkey,

Your website is badly designed, and you are, in fact, a failure at articulating words into comprehensive and well-written sentences.

Before you ever write another review, make sure to take an English class or two, brush up on your "skills", and learn to design websites that are easy to use and less painful to the eye. After that, never ever show said websites or reviews to anyone. Not even your family.

All I will agree with you on is your take on this mod.

This comment was written about The Lost City (PC : HL2 MOD). Here is my response in an email I sent:

Thanks for the comment, I appreciate the time it must have taken you to thoroughly express your concern for my site. Unfortunately your narrow-minded opinions are not fundamentally applicable to me. I have replied in your profile, but I will also paste what I wrote here:

I have taken 2 university english classes, all of which receiving over 85% in them. I am pretty sure I know a thing or two about writing. Even as such, you base all your evidence on some shitty little article I wrote for a shitty game. I wonder why I didn't spend more time of my life on it? Hmmmm I wonder...

The fact that you hate my website design only drives the psychological impact it has on you, and; therefore, I have done my job. Just because you can not let go of your simple minded ideologies does not mean others cannot. My site is impressively popular, especially for some of the more obscure titles that I get hits to. Instead of pointing out faults in other people's work, perhaps produce some work yourself? In fact, why not offer suggestions about how I can change it, or where I made the errors. NO! NO! You can't have that, you're too much of a big shot.

Thanks for stopping by my site though, my success will continue without the likes of you.

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