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Posted: September 18th, 2009
Last Updated: September 18th, 2009

The following is a phishing scammer on Steam who was actually quite believable in some parts but eventually failed due to lack of, umm, personal insights. I messed around with him or her a bit, although I didn't take it as far as I could of, I was almost fooled because I do know the person in real life; however, I would of never given the $90 anyways, the joke is on them, suckers!

The scammer starts off by saying it is one of my friends (who I happen to know in real life) on Steam on their friend's account, clever!

Supreme: hey
TaRgEt*TuRkEy: hello
Supreme: its jacq
TaRgEt*TuRkEy: what?
TaRgEt*TuRkEy: i have your other account
TaRgEt*TuRkEy: i think
TaRgEt*TuRkEy: then
Supreme: this is my friends
TaRgEt*TuRkEy: ah
Supreme: what are you doing?
TaRgEt*TuRkEy: working on a website and macroing UO in the background
Supreme: ohh
Supreme: you have a paypal account right?
TaRgEt*TuRkEy: yes
Supreme: my friend needs cash money in his game
Supreme: can you help him? ill pay you back
TaRgEt*TuRkEy: okay
Supreme: how much can you charge?
TaRgEt*TuRkEy: hmm not sure
Supreme: around?
TaRgEt*TuRkEy: umm not sure, never had a max
Supreme: oh
Supreme: ok
Supreme: have you heard of the game called maplestory?
TaRgEt*TuRkEy: yes
Supreme: well my friend needs nexon cash
Supreme: can i tell you his maplestory account information?
TaRgEt*TuRkEy: okay
Supreme: and you charge his account with nexon cash
Supreme: ok
Supreme: the id is
Supreme: link257
TaRgEt*TuRkEy: how much
Supreme: umm
Supreme: he needs 90
Supreme: is that ok?
TaRgEt*TuRkEy: 90 dollars or 90 nexon dollars?
TaRgEt*TuRkEy: haha
Supreme: 90dollars
TaRgEt*TuRkEy: okay
Supreme: ok id:link257
Supreme: password:'ildragons2
Supreme: do you know how to charge the nexon cash?
TaRgEt*TuRkEy: i think so
Supreme: did you login yet?
TaRgEt*TuRkEy: yes
Supreme: ok
Supreme: you go to info and then charge account
Supreme: and theres 30000
Supreme: just buy 3 of those
TaRgEt*TuRkEy: wait, who is this?
Supreme: Jacq
Supreme: didnt i already tell you?
TaRgEt*TuRkEy: jack?
Supreme: lol
Supreme: Jacq isnt a big hint?
TaRgEt*TuRkEy: oh, you're jimmy's brother?
Supreme: yes
TaRgEt*TuRkEy: oh okay, hmmm, okay i think it's going through
Supreme: ok
TaRgEt*TuRkEy: wait, it said something...
Supreme: what did it say?
TaRgEt*TuRkEy: You fail at phishing, try again.
Supreme: phishing?
TaRgEt*TuRkEy: sorry, doesn't look like it'll work
Supreme: i fail at phishing why?
TaRgEt*TuRkEy: that's just what it said
Supreme: ..
TaRgEt*TuRkEy: but the 90 dollars is gone...
TaRgEt*TuRkEy: did it work?
Supreme: HAHA SYKE
Supreme: whos jimmy..
Supreme: its Jacq
Supreme: i already told you
TaRgEt*TuRkEy: don't know a jacq, only a jack that is jimmy's brother
TaRgEt*TuRkEy: you're not jack?
Supreme: i never said jack
Supreme: jacq
TaRgEt*TuRkEy: oh, i know what this is, larry, you're playing a trick on me
Supreme: HAHA
TaRgEt*TuRkEy: can i get my 90 dollars back?
Supreme: umm
Supreme: you didnt even do it
Supreme: shut up -.-
Supreme: vaughn whats up

Looks like he found my real name somehow, I guess it's not that hard.

TaRgEt*TuRkEy: okay, talk to dusty
Supreme: why?
TaRgEt*TuRkEy: she has the paypal
Supreme: oh
Supreme: you dont have it
Supreme: ?
Supreme: tell dusty to accept my request

Dusty (my girlfriend, who I actually know Jacq through) takes over on her account, looks like he/she did some more social engineering by finding Dusty somehow even though there's no reference to her name on her profile.

Supreme: hi, vaughn told me to talk to you
Scapegoat: hi thar
Supreme: it's larry

I guess he or she is taking on my last alias that I gave them, haha.

Scapegoat: Larry who?
Supreme: you know, larry
Supreme: can you lend me money in paypal?
Scapegoat: Why don't you ask Andrew?
Supreme: is he online, let me check

The funny part about this is Andrew is Jacq's boyfriend in real life and they live together, ha!

Supreme: why can't i just ask you?
Scapegoat: Because Andrew is closer and probably has more money than me anyway.
Supreme: cant i just get it from you T_T
Scapegoat: I only have $50 for the next two weeks.
Supreme: i'll give you $60!
Supreme: dusty?
Supreme: please -.-
Scapegoat: Where was my first job?
Supreme: why
Scapegoat: Just checking, I know you know this.
Supreme has changed their name to idja.
idja is now Offline.

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