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Posted: June 15th, 2006
Last Updated: January 15th, 2007

Hey my name is Dav0r and I write reviews for The Gamer’s Journal and also proofread a lot of Drath’s shit that he writes because apparently spell-check hates him. I’m currently enrolled at the University of Saskatchewan in Computer Engineering so I hope I know something about technology. I’m more of a retro gamer than anything. My newest system is the Nintendo 64 (or perhaps Sega Dreamcast?) though I don’t play them very often. I love my Super Nintendo and think that Mario Kart and Chrono Trigger are the best games ever made. Oh and speaking of Mario Kart I’m the undisputed champion of the world at the game. I play a lot of computer games and am a big fan of first person shooters and real time strategy games. I play guitar and have played for about eight and a half years and like to record my own stuff onto my computer. My favorite bands are Metallica and Bad Religion among many others that I won’t bother listing. I also enjoy biking and Ultimate Frisbee. Email me hereMail Link.

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Useful Hint in Half-Life 2:

This is a quick tip for a pretty difficult part of the game in Half-Life 2. This is the second time you get separated from Alyx in the prison and you have to fight in a room that has two hallways with four entrances. What you have at your disposal are three auto turrets, a crate of machine gun ammo and some boxes. Now here’s what you do. Leave the turrets alone for now because as soon as you set them all up, the guard will start racing in to rape your ass. Instead gather up the boxes and place them in front of the two entrances nearest the exit, blocking off the path. Then take some more boxes and place them at the back of the other hallway. Then take your turrets and set two facing the open entrance and one facing the partially closed off one. Now the guards will start coming, hide in the room where the energy orb ammo is found and wait for the guards to start dying. Since the only way to get in is through the one entrance the turrets should waste them pretty quick, if you hear a grenade quickly run out with your gravity gun and shoot it back at them. The boxes on the other side for some reason make a glitch that causes those enemies to not spawn so you have less baddies to deal with. If for some strange reason they break the boxes (sometimes it happens, but rarely) Charge at them with the shotgun or machine gun and waste them quickly. This tip should make this fight a lot easier especially with the game difficulty on hard.

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