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Posted: March 4th, 2006
Last Updated: February 28th, 2009

There has been a lot of fan games produced based off of Marble Madness, whether they directly say so or not. This is a list of all the games that has taken what Marble Madness was successful in doing so many years ago and applied it to make their own game and concept. I may make some dedicated pages to these games in the future as well.

Marble InsanityOffsite Link
This truly is a fan made game, or rather, a remake. The Marble Insanity team has re built the game, from the ground up, even developing their own custom engine. They have been working off and on, on this game but still aren't ready enough for a release. So no download is available yet.

TrackballsOffsite Link
This one is another fan made game. But unlike Marble Insanity this one is it's own game and features it's own original maps (37 to be exact). This game is completely free and also open source, allowing people to even make their own maps for it. It uses a 3D engine instead of the original isometric engine.

HamsterballOffsite Link
This is an independent game based on the design of Marble Madness. It has a very polished design and stylized look to it. You can download a free trial version hereOffsite Link.

Rolling Madness 3DOffsite Link
Here is another fan based game. It's actually considered a remake since it is so true to the original. It features all 6 original maps but uses a completely 3D environment to portray them. You can still use the original view mode, but also rotate the camera to other angles.

There is also quite a few flash/shockwave-based Marble Madness-like games, here's a short list:
GyroballOffsite Link
Rollo and FlexOffsite Link
SpherezOffsite Link
RollOnOffsite Link

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