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The Gamer's Journal. This site is dedicated to all the games that I play or have played in my life. Sometimes when there is information lacking on that certain game on the internet, I take it upon myself to create guides, articles, and sometimes just personal stories and comments about the specific game. I like to refer to these as "on-site" links which can be found on most of the game pages.

I tend to stay old fashioned with the games I play and write for. This means, I tend to review a lot of older, classic, and sometimes just plain obscure games. I do try to wet my apetite with some of the newer games around as well.

My inspiration for this site was realized when I stumbled upon Astoria: Theodor Lauppert's HomepageOffsite Link. This personal site contains thousands of games that he has reviewed or sometimes just looked at for a bit.

So what does this site classify as then? I guess it's kind of a mix between a review site, a blog, and an overall information repository on video games in my life.

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