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Redmoon (PC)

Release Date: 2000
Publisher: Joy City Entertainment
Developer: Joy City Entertainment

Posted: June 16th, 2009
Last Updated: June 16th, 2009

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Massively Multiplayer

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Rating: Average rating: 4.1481481481481
Average rating: 4.1481481481481
27 Ratings
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Redmoon is (was) an early MMORPG set in an anime-style science fiction fantasy based world. The game is sometimes also refered to as "RedMoon" with the capital "M" as well as "Redmoon Online". The game itself is based on a Korean comic book by Mi Na Hwang and therefore was popular in many asian countries for an extended period of time around 2000. It's a hexagonal action based game that offers a mix of martial arts, medieval weapons, guns, explosives but also introduces magic and special abilities which isn't really rare, but at the time it was quite unique - especially the online aspect. It later branched more into the United States market by reprinting and translating the series of comic books in english and other languages.

Redmoon GameplayI originally started playing this game in 2000 when I was getting a bit bored of Ultima Online which I also played quite heavily at the time. It seemed, fresh, exciting, had a quite steady user base, and it was free! The game had rediculous amount of complexity built within a very system structure - most of the complexity came from the ability to get up to level 1000 and later moved up to 5000 levels in later versions. The levels do go by fairly quick though to be fair. You can play as one of nine classes or characters including Philar, Azlar, Kitara, Destino, Lavita, Luneara, Jarexx, Sadad, Canon which all have their own unique skills and items.

The interface of the game is at times cumbersome with certain boxes and containers needing to remain open over top the the game play area such as the quick slots and stats bar. The graphics are at times disconnected from each other and things such as characters on screen lack polish or cusomizatbilty. New items, equipment and weapons do not display differently on your characters in the world which is a very lacking feature in the game - making everybody look the same; however you can dye your hair.

The ultimate downfall of the game was mainly due to a lessening player base but hit hard by several attacks against one hacker named "m4rky" who successfully obtained 91% of the Diosa Redmoon server's database. m4rky then released a lot information publically including reports of abuse and misuse of Game Master's power (mostly giving benefits to their own player characters and essentially cheating). The server was brought back up after, but then again was hacked by m4rky and was brought down again. m4rky then hacked the Korean server and obtained the server software for the entire game (4.x) and released it publically.

"Diosa Redmoon" server was the first server to be located in the United States, published by WorldNet Games but was later sold and moved to Singapore. It is now permanentaly offline. Later, a private server named "Redmoon Classic" was launched emulating exactly the Diosa Redmoon server. Redmoon Classic remains the most popular third-party server available to this date, and is now open to the public. The only "official" server remaining is the Korean Redmoon server which still remains quite popular.

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