A new post on this site? Weird, I know! Too bad it’s another list. Following a previous theme on this blog, here’s another round-up about another 10 websites I couldn’t live without. This list will also contain websites previously mentioned if they still are integral to my job and life. Here we go!

Brand New
A very unique branding and logo development website. It features all the new brands and re-brands coming out. The writer is very intelligent and even though a little harsh sometimes, (in fact, all of the commentators seem to be quite “snooty” as well) it does not detract from the overall service of showcasing all the new brands out there.

A very cool site showcasing all the new devices, gadgets and “gizmos”. There’s web stuff, technology and more. It is part of the GAWKER network and also features sites like the all popular Kotaku and Lifehacker which is also included in this post.

Planet Half-Life
As most of you know that read this, I am a very huge gamer – as if you couldn’t guess by the domain. I am obsessed with the Half-Life series and have been since I was 13 years old when I got the original Half-Life in 1998 and fell in love. Even though the site has dwindled in updates in the recent years, it is still a good source of community, information and news within the Half-Life community.

Photoshop Disasters
A great source of laughter, questioning, and sometimes even results in a “face-palm”. Although the owner/writer sometimes misses the mark (he also likes to joke about it), it’s still a great resource for a good laugh then and again.

As posted in my previous post, this has made it on the list again. The writer does a great job of rounding up the best resources for web designers and developers. I find something new every time I look on the site, which is good because I check it about once every week which fits within the updates of the site quite nicely.

VBS is a network of documentaries and other obscure, cool and sometimes plain-weird videos. I fell in love with this website because it has become like an alternative to cable for me, which is good, because I haven’t had cable for almost 2 years now. GOOD RIDDANCE! There’s plenty to watch, and there’s plenty of subculturism to go around.

Another gaming-related resource. Where would any gamer be without the all seeing gaming eye that is known as Kotaku? Seriously, if you are a hardcore gamer, or even somebody that games you need to bookmark this site, read it, live it, DIE WITH IT!

Smashing Magazine
Another one that has been mentioned on a previous post but still remains to be the ultimate source of web design and development to me. Overall, it’s a great inspiration and a great way to keep on trends on the web which is important in my line of work.

The always lewd and rude writer and Vince Mancini keeps it in check with his movie blog that keeps me updated on all the newest movie-related news. His sarcastic and facetious style of writing ensures you a laugh with a side of celebrity gossip, movie news and everything else “Hollywood”.

Like I stated above, here’s another gem from the GAWKER network. This one is focused more on saving money with a dash of technology. Like Gizmodo there’s plenty of news within the website and technology sector but this is more focused on “hacking your life”, which means getting the most out of your life and paying/costing you less for it.

Hmm, It seems I have missed a couple sites off my speed dial. I guess that means there will be another update sometime in the future!

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