Originally written June 30th, 2007

Everybody is a hypocrite. How can you ever possibly live without saying a contradiction? Of course, people change, and so does their mindset from that specific time of their life. This isn’t exactly what I am referring to, but it could be the only one true excusable interference with this outlook, well if you are looking for an excuse that is…

In this sense there is two types of people. (#1) The ones that realize their opinions and beliefs may contradict each other, but strive to be neutral in any sense, and (#2) those whom choose to ignore that their opinions and beliefs may be contradictory and claim they aren’t. The thing that strikes me as the most funny is the excuses to those who choose to claim that they are not contradictory. What are they trying to prove? They definitely are already a hypocrite in your mind, and unless you actually really respect the person you aren’t going to listen to their excuses anyways, after all you just called them a hypocrite, which isn’t at the top of the list of respectful things.

The Undeniable Hypocrisy

There is also the speech versus action debate; wherein, people can say one thing and become incongruous to their statements. This is the most popular form of hypocrisy. Most of this, I think, relates to the given circumstances at the time of speech and action. A person might say they will never do drugs, but under circumstances they might do it, unwillingly, or cognitively through a pressured instance. Perhaps I am picking on a easy target there. I guess I could of went with no sex until marriage, religion or a myriad of fallible statements that change depending on the circumstances. Don’t say never if you don’t know, and you don’t ever truly know, so don’t say never anyways, well unless you are the second type of person, then who cares, I think you’re a liar anyways.

Maybe there is a third type of person. One that does whatever they want without the fear of doing something contradictory. One that is truly detached from social standards, social or peer criticism, social acceptance. And in that very sense, this third type of person could have all three deficiencies built within their fiber. Perhaps they are the biggest hypocrite. Perhaps I am the biggest hypocrite? Hell, isn’t me writing this article contradicting some of what I said, did, said I did, said I said? Of course it is, but there’s the difference, the dissociation with the others. I realize this foundation.

Everybody is a liar, deal with it, don’t think you’re above reproach.

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