October 30th, 2009The LOLs List

In typical fashion, here’s a new list of websites that I am currently obsessed with, but, unlike the others so far, this one is strictly about sites I visit to tickle my funny bone (is that even a proper expression?). Anyways, here we go:


One part funny, one part face palm goodness and one part loss of hope for humanity, there’s something for everybody here, especially those who use Facebook. It’s also good for those who absolutely hate Facebook; you can definitely reassure your hatred by visiting this site. It’s a site focused towards showcasing stupidity/lameness/funniness on Facebook, which means there’s lots of updates and content, it’s never-ending!

People of Walmart

A lot like the entry above, this one also makes me want to lose faith in humanity. If you think you’ve spotted a weirdo in Walmart, you ain’t seen nothing yet! A website about showcasing the weirdos, the rednecks, the racists, the uncouth, the overweight, the nonesensical people that shop at Walmart, meet, the People of Walmart.

Don’t Even Reply

Nobody likes a troll, but in rare cases, those trolls can be quite funny if they manage to trap somebody in their web of forced instigation. This is a blog about one man (who is a really big asshole to people) replying to ads on Craigslist. I have cried from laughing so hard from this site. The mean, hatred filled comments and replies he sends to unwilling participants makes for a great read, does that make me sound like a bad person?

The Daily WTF

This one is a little geeky and sometimes the code can go even over my head, but for the most part it’s a great read especially for the more nostalgic stories about computing in the “old days”. A site dedicated to “Curious Perversions in Information Technology” although it does delve into web design and development as well which is right up my alley at least.

This is why you’re fat

A great site to read before a lunch or dinner, not really though. This site is all about showcasing fattening meals and weird creations including things like deep fried Twinkies on a stick, deep fried chocolate cake and ice cream, or more recent favourite, the Chicken McNugget baked pie with sauce. Basically anything deep fried (sometimes even double deep fried) and rediculous is on this site somewhere. Great design too!

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